Tantric massage in Barcelona

Tantra Massage

masaje tantra

Recipient massage. This massage is done to reduce stress and anxiety, increasing sensitivity and relaxation with its movements. The masseuse gently work with their hands each part of the body from head to toe and will end with a delicious therapy doing genital massage.
 It’s a warm and gentle massage.

Place: The tantric massage is done on a tatami, usually using the ‘Romántica’ and ‘Floral’ rooms, rooms that are surrounded by mirrors where the client can see the coordinated movement of the masseuse’s hands over his body.


Dress:The masseuse wears a G-string. The client will be completely naked or, if preferred, covered with a towel or underwear.

Technique: Deep, slow movements combined with gentle caresses in the erogenous zones, like the inside leg, nape, ears…This is a receptor massage, you cannot interact with the masseuse.