For any information, doubt or booking, you can get in touch with us on +34 934 915 035 / +34 675 511 752. We also use WhatsApp. You can even send a message through our contact form. You can come to our erotic massage center without any obligations and meet the beautiful masseuses at Felina Massage. However, it is always advisable to call in advance to book according to one’s specific preference(s) for a female masseuse or male masseur. In any case, a professional receptionist shall attend you and will help you with any doubt you may have, regardless of how small it is. We are waiting for you.

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In the Tantric philosophy there is a great difference between an orgasm and ejaculation. Not all men who ejaculate reach an orgasm.
Even in the Tantric tradition it is thought that an ejaculation is a barrier that impedes man from reaching a true orgasm. In order to achieve this state of satisfaction and, at the same, self-control, it is very important to strengthen the muscles that surround the penis, called lingam, which are responsible for erections and ejaculation. When a man manages to relax and contract the lingam voluntarily, not only does he have prolonged erections, but he can also control ejaculati

At Felina Massage, we show couples where the erogenous zones of their bodies are and how to caress them. In this way pleasure is prolonged without having immediate sex. The erotic massage opens up the mind, breaks sexual monotony and awakens creativity while seducing and exciting your partner. A good therapy to achieve satisfying sexuality.

At Felina Massage, we have a range of massages for all demands and pockets. We carry out personalised erotic massages and we give advice to each person about which massage is appropriate, according to their needs. If you cannot decide which massage to choose, or if you have any fetishism or preference, ask us and we will happily give you some advice.

No, our masseuses are experts in tantric massages, not in tantric sex. In order to finish the massage in a different way we have created the double orgasm massage in which you can add 30 minutes with a professional escort at the end of any of our massages. The escorts can be chosen in the website of Felina Barcelona.

The masseuse will charge you after the erotic massage has finished, we accept credit cards and cash.

Yes, our masseuses go to hotels and homes, even outside normal times. To reserve, you simply have to give us the following data:

  • Name
  • Room Number

In order to confirm the reservation outside normal times we require at least one day previous notification.


Our masseuses attend to everyone: men and women over 18 years old.

The yoni or lingam massage come from the tradition of tantric massages. In this the genital zones are worked through massages and energies. For men this is done on the penis or lingam, whilst for women the vaginal zone or yoni is worked, her exterior zone (lips and clitoris), and her interior zone, reaching her G-spot.

Our masseuses are specialists in erotic massage, in which the muscles are relaxed and the senses stimulated. For contractures or other injuries it is better to go to a physiotherapist or specialist doctor.

Yes, at Felina Massage we have 5 gorgeous and very professional masseuses. If you do not have any preference, the masseuse who welcomes you will give you the massage. If you want a massage from a particular masseuse it would be better to specify this when reserving.

Yes, although it is not advisable. If you arrive without a previous reservation, you will have to wait to be attended.

No, the masseuses only the man’s body with their hands, feet, arms, breasts… Never oral sex.

No, in none of the massages. In the interactive massages, you will be able to caress the masseuse’s breasts, buttocks, arms, body and face, but never her private parts.

The prostate massage consists of stimulating the man’s G spot by introducing a finger or vibrator, previously lubricated, into the man’s anus.
In order to try to receive a prostatic massage the man must first be very relaxed and excited, in addition to getting all homophobe prejudices out of his mind which will impede him from getting pleasure from this type of massage. Once this has been achieved, they will be ready to enjoy an incomparable orgasm thanks to the G spot stimulation.

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Our massage center is a 10 minutes taxi ride from the center of Barcelona.