A professional erotic massage: "Pasión Felina Massage"

A professional erotic massage: "Pasión Felina Massage"

A good erotic massage is more than just impersonal rubbing and kneading muscles. A professional erotic masseuse, like the ones you'll find at Felina Massage, takes the time to get to know her client during the first few minutes of the session; she notices how he responds to each movement and adapts her movements to his body, knowing exactly where to touch and in just the right way for maximum pleasure and excitement.

Tips on perfectly decorating an erotic massage room

When it comes to delivering excellent service, one of the most highly valued factors is always location, location, location. And Felina Massage is well aware of exactly what that means. Which is why it provides an impeccable massage center, with rooms decorated to ensure that guests enjoy a fully relaxing experience complete with the perfect dose of sensual and sexual eroticism.

What about giving the gift of an erotic massage for Christmas?

The Christmas holiday is already in full swing, a time of year packed with bright lights, the color red, tons of love….and even eroticism. So much so that giving an erotic massage as a gift is yet another option to consider if you’re looking to surprise that special someone, your better half, even yourself!

Watch how two girls wrapped in red sheets receive an erotic massage in Barcelona

Can I watch an erotic massage in Barcelona?

”Visual orgasm” is an expression that refers to what happens when someone who watches external stimulation –like nudity or sexual activity– that is so fascinating that it results in sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Black Friday massage discounts

Black Friday at Felina Massage

The day of the most awaited discounts is here this week: the Black Friday. We want to be a part of this American tradition once again this year, thereby offering our clients the chance to enjoy a relaxing and erotic experience by making the most of a discount. Do you want to know the offer we have for you on this Black Friday? Do not miss our post.

The alternative plans for San Juan with erotic masseuses at Felina Massage in Barcelona

The magical night of San Juan: alternative plans

We don't just celebrate June 23 because it is shortest night of the year, but also because the night of San Juan is the most magical one. This Christian festival of Pagan origin celebrates the summer solstice and is the perfect time to ward off bad vibes and attract new and intense emotions to our life. Doesn't it seem like the perfect moment for you to fulfill your fantasies and experience new things? If you are looking for alternative plans for the night of San Juan in Barcelona, we would like to suggest a few to you.

Enhance your health with the Tantra in Barcelona

Tantra Barcelona: Happiness and Pleasure

Hi again! We are here today to talk about inner peace and joy. Who doesn’t crave for happiness and peace with himself? In this article we are going to talk about the different things needed to get some knowledge about the tantra in Barcelona. I am sure you have heard this word some time or the other, but do you know what it means? Keep reading!

Break away from the routine with massages in Barcelona

Anti-routine Massages in Barcelona

Today we are going to talk about the daily life and the massages in Barcelona. Have you ever woken up thinking that you are tired of everything always being practically the same? Waking up, having a shower, eating your breakfast, going for work, having your dinner and going to bed? No! It’s time to change this daily routine and we are going to talk about it in this article. Keep reading!

Erotic massages for the Mobile World Congress 2018

Relax with our erotic massages after the Mobile World Congress 2018

The Mobile World Congress 2018 is about to commence. The GSMA fair in Barcelona has become a benchmark in world technology, and, therefore, also in the sex and leisure industry in Barcelona. Millions of people from all over the world have come to the Catalan capital to discover new technological innovations that will be revealed at the MWC 2018, and to enjoy the company of both the escorts and erotic masseuses.

Erotic massages for the Valentine’s Day 2018

Gift erotic massages on this Valentine’s Day 2018

With a few days to go for the Valentine’s Day 2018, lovers are looking for plans and gifts for their partners. Do you want to take your partner by surprise? Would you like to treat her to an experience that allows the two of you to undergo new sensations? How about an evening full of sensuality and pleasure? The gift you are looking for is at Felina Massage. Do you dare to gift erotic massages on this Valentine’s Day?

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