A professional erotic massage: "Pasión Felina Massage"

A professional erotic massage: "Pasión Felina Massage"

A good erotic massage is more than just impersonal rubbing and kneading muscles. A professional erotic masseuse, like the ones you'll find at Felina Massage, takes the time to get to know her client during the first few minutes of the session; she notices how he responds to each movement and adapts her movements to his body, knowing exactly where to touch and in just the right way for maximum pleasure and excitement.

Skilled hands make Felina’s Passion Massage an escape for the client, a haven of peace and excitement where every worry melts away as the expert hands of a beautiful erotic masseuse work your body from head to toe.

But it doesn’t end there.

The masseuse will also use her body during the massage for an extra dose of sensuality, and the client can touch the masseuse as well for a completely immersive and interactive experience.

How is touching involved in the Passion Massage? The client is required to first take a shower, and then lay down, face up, for a perfect view as the masseuse walks in to the room completely naked.

The experience starts with an innocent facial massage, but the heat in the room will soon start to rise as the masseuse progresses to a body-to-body massage, using her legs, breasts, and stomach to touch and slide up and down your body….she’ll even use her buttocks, mirrors in the room allowing you not only to feel but to see this sensual dance.

This skin-on-skin contact plays a crucial role in helping the client fully enjoy the massage and it can even be participatory, the client able to touch any part of the escort except her genitals. Tracing the escort’s soft, silky skin and exploring her curves as she gives you the most passionate massage of your life takes the experience to a whole new level and you to new heights of arousal.

The Passion Massage ends with a lingam massage that primarily focuses on the genitalia and usually climaxes with the client completely spent in ecstasy. You have to experience it to believe it: if you want to enjoy the Passion Massage firsthand and feel a passionate erotic masseuse run her body over yours as you explore her explosive curves, all you have to do is call us to make your appointment.

You can also ask for the double orgasm service for an even more exciting experience that includes sex with an escort after your massage. Some clients prefer this option, while others prefer to simply enjoy the relaxation that’s guaranteed with Felina’s Passion Massage.


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