Anti-routine Massages in Barcelona

Break away from the routine with massages in Barcelona

Today we are going to talk about the daily life and the massages in Barcelona. Have you ever woken up thinking that you are tired of everything always being practically the same? Waking up, having a shower, eating your breakfast, going for work, having your dinner and going to bed? No! It’s time to change this daily routine and we are going to talk about it in this article. Keep reading!

If you live in Barcelona (or have come here for a trip), you are lucky because apart from the hundreds of daytime and nightlife entertainment venues adorning the city, there is an extremely elegant and cosmopolitan massage center in town: Felina Massage. Just in case you don’t know about it yet, Felina Massage is an exclusive massage center in Barcelona with an administrative license and some luxurious premises. It is a place where you can feel that pleasure is not a sin, and enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being with your five senses. Now that you know a bit more about our center, we are going to present you to three kinds of massages, each one of which is meant for three different types of moments.

Erotic masseuses Felina Massage Barcelona

Different types of massages in Barcelona

For the nervous ones: Tantric Massage

The tantric massage is one of the erotic massage types designed to relax the body and ease the anxiety in accordance with the Hindu belief of tantra. Tantra can be defined as a process through which personal goal is achieved by using pleasure. In other words, it is based on the belief that if you are sexually happy, your health will be better. That’s why the main objective of the tantric massage is improving the health by seeking pleasure to trigger an orgasm.

For the restless ones: Mutual Massage

There are many people who seek to learn to provide an erotic massage so as to surprise their partner or for the sole reason of wanting to experience it. At Felina Massage, you can practically enjoy professional erotic massages in Barcelona. With Felina Massage’s mutual massage, the client won’t just enjoy an erotic massage with a high degree of excitement, but will also be able to learn to caress a woman’s body by practicing it with the masseuse’s body and letting himself be guided by her professionalism.

For the curious ones: The Ménage à Trois Massage

The Ménage à trois massage is the latest erotic treatment on Felina Massage’s menu. A massage specially designed to surpass the limits of pleasure and take the client to a blast of sensations.

After a long process of studying the ancient Eastern techniques of seduction and adding a spicier Western touch to it, the Ménage à trois massage awaits the biggest sex enthusiasts for delighting them with a new and very tempting experience. In essence, this ritual will test the greatest sybarites with 3 stages of sheer eroticism; starting with an erotic dance, moving on to a relaxing and arousing massage before culminating in a very astonishing surprise end.

And how about you? Which of the three massages do you identify yourself with?

Felina Massage is situated in downtown Barcelona in a tranquil street of the Les Corts district. It’s easy to access by public transport, taxi or private car. It is time to break away from the routine and enjoy the sensuality that can be provided to you by an erotic massage. If you don’t know which of our erotic massages to go for, you can ask for information through our contact form or by giving us a call on +34 675 511 752. Our managers will take charge of apprising you of our massages in Barcelona. Come on!


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    +34 934 915 035 / +34 675 511 752

    Line 3 - Les Corts Station.

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    Our massage center is a 10 minutes taxi ride from the center of Barcelona.