Aphrodisiac erotic massages in Barcelona

Aphrodisiac erotic massages

There are a lot of aphrodisiac foods that lead to an increased sexual desire in people. It is for this reason that certain food items like strawberry or cocoa are widely used for providing erotic massages. Although it is proven that the nutritional composition of certain food items leads to a stimulation of sex hormones that favors sensual massage, what has a greater say in erotic arousal is with whom, when and how you are really consuming those food items.

There are different kinds of aphrodisiac foods:

- Aphrodisiacs of central action: This group would especially include the drugs that contain substances that increase the dopamine in the central nervous system. In our erotic massages in Barcelona, we do not advise the consumption of such aphrodisiac drugs, since we can achieve the same erotic effect with stimulation techniques.

- Aphrodisiacs by association: This group comprises the food items that remind us of sexual organs, which would be the case with: banana, cucumber, oysters.

- Generational aphrodisiacs: They refer to the food items whose aphrodisiac effect has been passed down from generation to generation in accordance with the culture.

Aphrodisiac food items used during the erotic massages in Barcelona

- Chocolate: Chocolate would be one of the most used food stuffs at the time of fulfilling the sexual fantasies between couples, though it is also a food that is resorted to very often during the erotic massages in Barcelona. Chocolate contains L-arginine, an amino acid that improves the blood circulation, besides increasing the pleasure hormones, endocrines.

- Strawberries: It is proven that strawberries stimulate the endocrine and nervous systems, thereby relaxing the body and stimulating the senses, and becoming an ideal companion before our erotic massages.

- Honey: This nutritious food item contains a lot of vitamin B, which is favorable to the increase in testosterone and has a low glycemic index.

If you wish to get an erotic massage in Barcelona wherein the masseuse plays with certain aphrodisiac food stuffs, you will find everything you need at felina Massage. Send us an email at info@felinamassage.com, or call us on +34 675 511 752 and we will apprise you of the different ways of satisfying your “aphrodisiac sexual fantasy”.


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