Are masseuses the key to a good erotic massage?

New masseuses at Felina Massage

After a hard day at work and a stressful day of the daily life, there is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing and enjoying a nice massage performed by the expert hands of erotic masseuses. But have you ever wondered: what is the key to a nice massage? How can I reap all the benefits of such a ritual?

In order to answer these questions we must investigate this process. During the massage, the contact allows you to become aware of the emotions and experiences stored in the body, which makes it a transformation channel for all that information. It is through the skin that we receive nourishment, breathe, get the poison out of our system and it is one of the main organs that allows us to maintain the balance in our body. The skin saves the experiences we underwent and, because of being the greatest and most exposed exterior organ, it becomes a reflection of our interior, in the vehicle of connection of the most sensitive of our senses: the touch.

The skin becomes a reflection of our inner self…

In fact, if many of these experiences have not been treated for long periods of time, they can pave the way for somewhat serious diseases. That is why touch is the key to any massage, regardless of whether it is relaxing, healing or erotic. Thanks to our sensorial awareness, the massage can become a language that allows us to get in touch with what the body has in store, helping to free all the negative energy that unbalances us.

But although touch is the most important thing, we need a real professional who knows how to establish such a connection, one which can assure us of the quality thereof and allow us to expand in all the senses and enjoy to the fullest. Although the masseuse chosen by us will have a great bearing on the final result, we should not forget that the touch is a matter for two, and that is why we shouldn’t just know how to choose the right person, but also free ourselves, relax and put all our trust in her hands. By doing so, we will fully enjoy the so highly idolized erotic massage.

Two new masseuses to ensure your experience

At Felina Massage we are always looking for the best masseuses who can ensure the best erotic experiences. That is why, after explaining the importance of the masseuse in this process, we would like to present to you 2 new additions to our team which certainly won’t leave you impassive.

Patricia, sweet Spanish masseur

Patricia is a young brunette who oozes sweetness and friendless from her steps. With her you will discover the freshness and pleasure of a tantra ritual loaded with good vibes but, above all, a lot of eroticism. Let this experience commence, with some subtle but intense caresses, and you will feel how your body and mind relax, thus bringing out your most sensual side.

If you want to discover what this young Spanish girl is capable of, enter her profile here.

Monica, young Russian masseuse

This extremely beautiful Russian masseuse, at just 20 years of age, has become a real expert in this thousand-year-old technique. Her studies in the field of eroticism have allowed her to make this work her real passion. Being a nice lover of pleasure, she will guide you through the most sensual and intimate routes of your sexuality.

If you are interested in being shown the way by a young but wise Russian beauty, enter her profile here and find out all her secrets.

At Felina Massage we know that these are just some of the most important factors for a nice experience. That’s why all the massages here are accompanied by all types of details, like luxurious premises, a suggestive décor, sensual aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to pay us a visit without any commitments and find it out for yourself. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us to or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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