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For centuries, sex was taboo in Europe; and it has been specifically female sexuality. Unlike men, women appear to have had to go from girl to mother without knowing the pleasure of sex. The pleasure of women has always been relegated in Western culture as if the woman had been created exclusively for reproduction. In some African countries remain practices such as clitoridectomy; ritual that eliminates external female genitalia to prevent sexual pleasure.

However, while in Europe the sex was taboo in Japan seventeenth and eighteenth century triumphed "Shunga" or "images of spring". These are prints that explicitly describe different sexual acts. All kinds of positions and sex between men and women or between same sex are portrayed in art "Shunga" oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, caresses and erotic massages are visually described in this type of Japanese art. The "Shunga" includes positive and open to recognize the sexual needs of women and homosexuals values.

Today many aspects of female sexuality have changed. So in Felina Massage we promote pleasure without penetration. In Felina we not have cultural or religious taboos; our masseuses are professional erotic massage in Barcelona and its first goal is to give you pleasure whether you are male or female. Our masseurs are of different nationalities and perfectly mastered the art of erotic massage.

Our massages, inspired by the Tantra philosophy that the customer seeking aware of your body and thus experience pleasure while being massaged. Tantra, born in India, is the path to liberation and total pleasure.

As in the Tantra philosophy, Felina Massage worship the body. And like the "Shunga" cherish the male and female sexuality without taboos because both women and men need to know your body and experiment with it. Our erotic massage in the luxurious facilities that are in Felina Massage will relieve all tensions and make you enjoy the pleasure without bias.

The combination of the art of our masseuses and luxurious facilities will provide the perfect setting to experience the ultimate pleasure.


  • · 15/1/2014
    Quiero ir a mejorar mi relación sexual y aguantar más la eyaculación Enseñáis técnicas de este tipo?
    • Hola Mikel, te recomiendo que solicites hora con la masajista Raquel, es una profesional del masaje Tantra, ella te enseñará a respirar y controlar la excitación, expónle tu interés abiertamente. Un abrazo y esperamos veros pronto.
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