Black Friday at Felina Massage

Black Friday massage discounts

The day of the most awaited discounts is here this week: the Black Friday. We want to be a part of this American tradition once again this year, thereby offering our clients the chance to enjoy a relaxing and erotic experience by making the most of a discount. Do you want to know the offer we have for you on this Black Friday? Do not miss our post.

Black Friday 2017: erotic massages with discounts up to 30%

Are you looking for a gift to surprise your partner? Do you want to make the most of the Black Friday to give in to that whim you so much wish for? We have an irresistible offer for you at Felina Massage. Do you dare to discover it?

As many of you would already know, last month we included a new massage in our menu, the Erotic Fusion Massage. It is the most sensual massage on our menu, a very stimulating treatment and with a high dose of eroticism, which doesn't cease to amaze the person receiving it. Throughout the ritual, the masseuse massages the client's entire body by combining several techniques of different massages on our menu, a unique sea of feelings. When it seems that the massage can't get any better, the masseuse ends the session by massaging the customer's genitals with her breasts, a delicate version of the boob job that will make him explode with pleasure.

Whether due to being a new massage or on account of its indescribable and enjoyable ending, the Erotic Fusion Massage is currently one of the most successful massages we have on offer. To encourage those who are yet to make up their mind to give this pleasure explosion a try, this massage shall be on offer throughout the day of Black Friday 2017. All the hired Erotic Fusion massages paid for on Friday, November 24, 2017, shall entail a 30% discount on their final price. Doesn't it seem like the perfect excuse to you for coming over to relax at our erotic massage center in Barcelona?

Do you like the idea? Well, the best is yet to come. Besides a 30% off on the Erotic Fusion Massage, the other massages on our erotic massage menu hired and paid for on Friday, November 24, 2017, shall carry a 20% discount on the final price besides couple massages, massages for women and gays and even gift cards. Sounds irresistible, doesn't it?

This Black Friday 2017, we are waiting for you at Felina Massage, a place where you can disconnect, enjoy and let yourself be carried away.

Black Friday erotic massage Barcelona

What is the Black Friday?

Are you curious about the origin of this day? We are going to tell you everything about it. Black Friday is the day on which the Christmas shopping season commences in the United States. Traditionally, the Black Friday is celebrated on the day following the Thanksgiving Day, which takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. Although this holiday started in the United States, it has been spreading to other countries over the years. In Spain, it was started being held from 2010, when Apple decided to import this American tradition. Since then, it has been gaining strength every year and has even undergone variations with respect to the original tradition. One of the changes that are usually implemented by many businesses is extending the duration of offers throughout the weekend.

The origin of its name, Black Friday, is not quite clear. One of the versions attributes the term to the Philadelphia police officials who were in-charge of controlling the traffic on the day following the Thanksgiving. In 1961, the aforesaid officials started using the expression Black Friday to refer to the heavy traffic of people and vehicles in the streets. Subsequently, the expression became popular and it was being used throughout the country by 1975. Another theory says that this day marked the start of the season in which the businessmen could change their figures from red to black thanks to the increase in sales.

Whatever it is, the Black Friday is a completely implanted tradition in Spain which nobody wants to miss out on. And how about you?

Do not hesitate. Our discountedgift cards are the perfect buy for this Black Friday. If you need more information, you can get in touch by calling us on +34 675 511 752 or writing to us to or filling up our contact form. Make the most of the Black Friday and relish a discounted erotic experience.


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