Body-to-body massage: Felina’s most sensual thing

Felina’s body-to-body massage

Have you ever tried a body-to-body massage? Whether we talk about the touch massage or the tantric massage, the erotic massages we provide at Felina are an exquisite pleasure for the senses; however, in case of the body-to-body massage, we enter into an all new dimension of pleasure and relaxation. Come and know us at our massage center and find out what is!

The body-to-body massage is a variant of the tantric massage that you can try at the massage center Felina Massage. It is concerned with the physical contact between you and the erotic masseuse, in a way that you can interact with her and her skin at all times. Sex is never included (only if the Double Orgasm service is hired), but it is designed for you to relax and get aroused with the direct touch of her skin and body.

This erotic massage is performed on a tatami and is quite visual: you will get turned on not just by the contact of the masseuse’s stunning body, but also by seeing it in the mirrors that are there in your room.

This service is most demanded by our customers. Do you want to know why? Don’t wait any more and find out the secrets of this ancestral technique!

Where to perform the body-to-body massage?

As we were telling you earlier, the body-to-body massage is quite a sight: the stimulation through all senses, above all the sense of sight, will make your experience the most enjoyable one.

For that, we have specifically set aside two rooms at our massage center to practice it. Would you like to know which are they?

Eroticism suite

The Eroticism Suite is undoubtedly one of the most majestic and exciting luxury rooms at Felina. Decorated with a floral wall, which very much reminds of the Asian world, it is the perfect place to perform the body-to-body massage.

It has a tatami situated in the center of the room, besides a side mirror to enjoy the sight of the masseuse during the body-to-body massage.

You can click here if you wish to discover more about the Eroticism Suite.

Elegance Suite

As its name goes, the Elegance Suite has a classic atmosphere with an antique décor: it has big mirrors, chandeliers and a big headboard.

It also has a big tatami in the luxury room’s center so that you can enjoy the body-to-body massage with more ease.

You can see more about this suite by clicking here.

The massages at Felina Massage are accompanied by all kinds of details, whether they are aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to surround yourself with relaxation and relax with the Felina guys and girls with a dose of luxury and sensuality, thanks to an erotic massage. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us at or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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