Breathing, the best ally of erotic massage

Breathing and erotic massage

The whispers and breathing is the best music to the ears of man, so much so that many women use it as a weapon of seduction and flirting. Who has not ever noticed that the temperature was rising, waking a tingle between the crotch and the pleasure was increased only by whispers evil-meaning?

Such is the effect that causes us sensory plane according to a study published in '86% of females moan during sex to excite his teammates'. Moreover, according to the same research, 'many males could not reach ejaculation without this "melody" issued by their partners'

It is for this reason that in tantric massage is essential to use a good breath. In this sense, we can achieve a state of greater or less excitement, if we learn to breathe in a certain way:

1. Breathing slow and prolonged. This breathing will relax you and help you be more receptive to experience new sensations. You can also PLS this type of breathing to calm down, lower the level of excitement and control ejaculation.

2. Rapid breathing. This type of breathing increases the level of excitement. Often the Felina Massage erotic masseuses, do this kind of breathing to increase customer delight, especially in massage where whispers have more relevance such as massage feline passion.

So for all those who have shown interest in the article, I encourage you to lanzaos vacuum and take your wild side, do not you ashamed to whisper and breathe the ear of your partner, I assure you, thank you .


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