Buttock massage, pleasure guaranteed

Buttock massage

There are different parts of the body that are so erogenous that the client can reach a sexual orgasm by a mere right touch or massage thereon. Buttocks would be one of such erogenous zones.

The hip or buttock muscles are the strongest muscles in the body, since they work all day long without stopping. It is for this reason that a buttock massage may not just be a way of being aroused but also one that will relieve tension and give all the stress you accumulated during the day a rest.

Today we will explain to you how to a perform a buttock massaged charged with a high dose of eroticism.

How to provide a good buttock massage?

The client must lie down with his back to the masseuse, that is facing down with the head resting on a pillow or cushion. The masseuse will sit on her knees placed on the lumbar of the client’s back or thighs, depending on the chosen massage, and without putting a lot of weight on the place of support.

While the oil heats up, the masseuse may provide soft body touches without oil on the client’s entire body, passing through his hips with every movement.

It is important to heat up the oil before performing the erotic buttock massage so as to not disturb the client’s body temperature. The ideal temperature for an erotic massage is usually 25°C.

Once the oil is hot, the masseuse will wet her hands and start massaging the crack of the fold between the hip and thigh. This crack will be massaged from outside to inside on the first buttock while it will be the other way round on the other buttock. This movement will be repeated three times, ending each move on the perineal area.

It will then be increased gently on the sides of the buttock, and will be followed by gentle circles on both the hips, in accordance with the natural roundness thereof. The masseuse will separate and join the hips with every stroke, which will increase the anal arousal of the client. As the excitement keeps increasing, the pressure of the movements will be more intense. During the erotic buttock massage, the masseuse will gently caress the anal lips with her little fingers, and if the customer requested the prostate massage, this game will help to stimulate the anal area for its subsequent penetration.

During all the Felina Massage erotic massages, our masseuse pays special attention to the hip massage. If you want to get an erotic massage with more attention on the buttocks, we advise you to talk to the masseuse in advance so that she can provide you with a massage tailor-made for your needs.

For more information, write to us on info@felinamassage.com or call us on +34 675 511 752 without any obligations.


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