Can I watch an erotic massage in Barcelona?

Watch how two girls wrapped in red sheets receive an erotic massage in Barcelona

”Visual orgasm” is an expression that refers to what happens when someone who watches external stimulation –like nudity or sexual activity– that is so fascinating that it results in sexual arousal and satisfaction.

There are many people who have authentic visual orgams when they watch, generally secretly, other people engaged in intimate behaviors, like undressing, getting an erotic massage in Barcelona, or other sexual activities.

All this is included under a word with French origin: voyeurism. Voyeurs are excited by the mere fact of hiding and secretly observing others. The risk of being discovered provides a thrill and satisfaction that exponentially increases their sexual excitement.

For these type of people, watching how others receive an erotic massage is one of their biggest fantasies, but can they really turn that fantasy into reality?

Erotic massages for voyeurs

Centers specialized in erotic massages often receive requests from clients who want to watch while one or more erotic massage professionals give a massage to their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or partner.

The customer stays in a part of the room where it’s possible to watch the entire sensual scene unfold, while the masseuse or masseur slides his or her hands up and down the person receiving the massage. The voyeur becomes sexually aroused while watching this erotic scene “secretly”, and generally does not participate in the massage.

It is in this state of hightened arousal that the voyeur can even masturbate while seeing how the massage professional –who can be either male or female– brings the person receiving the massage to the heights of pleasure.

Can I watch an erotic massage in Barcelona between two people?

This is another of the services that is frequently requested at erotic massage center: the customer asks to watch two erotic massage professionals massage each other, while the customer observes and enjoys this erotically charged moment from a distance.

There is an option in our catalogue of erotic massages called the “deluxe lingam massage”; with this option, the customer receives a four-hands massage performed by two erotic massage professionals. The voyeuristic customer often prefers to watch the massage between the two professionals and the mutual pleasure they give each other. Then, the customer can either masturbate or receive a four-hands massage for an explosive end to this highly erotic experience.

If you are interested in watching an erotic massage in person, simply contact us by email at and describe your fantasy to us so that we can do everything possible to ensure the erotic massage experience makes all your deepest and darkest fantasies come true.


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