Caresses that arouse passions

High standing erotic massage

Scratching or wild stroking with nails, what do you prefer??... Whatever be your choice, for sure you have choosen one of them, actually the nails used in the sexual act give a lot of pleasure. For many, this may seem odd and even unpleasant, but if it is used with the softness and intensity in the right parts we do not run any risk and we will start a fascinating erotic game.

The nails apart from be the weapons of the hands, can produce a smoothness and itchiness sensation, and in the most of the time can provoke real chills. If you have the curiosity to expirience and want to know what it feels, we would like to encourage you to put it into practice as is described in the Hindu sex manual Ananga Ranga, we will give you some clues:

- Anwartha: the man slides his index, middle and anular finger on the back, breast and vulva of the women. She can do the same in his back, chest and penis.

- Ardhachandra: gently, with your nails do a mark as drawing half moon on the neck and chest of your man or on the breast of your woman.

- Churit-nakhandana: is it a soft caresses and without pressure, like a simple tickling on the cheeks, lower lip and chest or breast of your bed partner.

- Mandalaka: very gently, strokes with your nails, the face of your partner.

- Mayurpada: with your thumb on the your partne's nipple and the other four fingers on the other breast, caresses with gentle pressure.

- Shasha-pluta: very gently caresses the areola and the nipple of your partner, to show the desire and passion they produces you.

- Tarunabhava: this technique includes head, chest and thighs of your partner. Stroking it with your nails will awaken the nerve endings in all your body.

And remember, do not forget all the skills that our body has to caress and produce different sensations... The pleasure depends on ourselves !!


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