Couple massage services at Felina Massage

Couple massage services

The erotic massage is the fastest and most effective way of awakening sexual appetite. That’s something not just we say. Our erotic masseuses in Barcelona have confirmed it. The customers dropping by at our massage center look to immerse themselves in the most pleasurable sensory experience that can enable them to discover new ways of getting aroused, and why not? Would you like to find it out for yourself? You just need to pick up the phone and book a date with us!

At Felina Massage we specialize in caresses, touches and pleasures for both the skin and other erogenous zones of the body. Our services focus on both individual and couple massages. You can come over alone and let yourself be carried away by the pretty hands of our masseuses, or dare to discover new practices in the company of your partner by coming with her.

We are specialists in erotic massages in Barcelona, thereby making sure that you will be in safe hands. We perfectly know the main erogenous zones of men and women alike. So, your only task will be to come looking forward to enjoying this experience. Furthermore, if you come with your partner, our masseuses will be able to teach you how to massage and caress her, and also tell you which the essential areas for arousing her sexual desire are.

Are you coming over to know us? Call us and we will advise you about the massage that best adapts to you and your needs. If you have already thought about sharing this experience with a specific masseuse or masseur, we will let you know if he/she is available at that point of time.

Essential areas for men and women

The nerve endings that awaken the sexual desire are different between men and women. There are parts of the body that respond more positively to caresses, depending on the male or female anatomy. Here is a reminder of the essential areas for the two:

Erotic massages for women

When concerned with an erotic massage for couples and the two of you decide to get it from one of our masseuses, there will be various areas of your partner’s body that can be subjected to the massage. The neck, navel and feet are among them.

In case of women, the erogenous zones are situated next to the genitals, as is the case with the navel (which would awaken the desire of prohibition due to being close to the vagina and not touching it), or, on the other hand, the neck (since this area has the thinnest skin in comparison with the rest of the body).

Erotic massages for men

The erotic masseuses at Felina know that hair and ears are both erogenous zones that can’t go unnoticed. Thus, they are massaged in circular motions by the fingertips, thereby making the most of the contact with the ears. Just in case you didn’t know, ears are the most sensitive part of the male body, a kind of Achilles heel for men.

For the most daring of men, the massages can also be performed on the inner thigh, where an irrepressible sexual desire will be awakened. As we told you in this post, doing it gently and in circular movements along the muscles, using the fingertips (in the best case the thumbs), leads to a strong arousal among all men.

At Felina Massage, the massages are accompanied by all kinds of details, whether they are scents, candles or body oils for every occasion. We invite you to wrap yourself in relaxation and relax with the Felina boys/girls with a dose of luxury and sensuality, thanks to an erotic massage. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us at or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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