Diary of an erotic massage

Diary of an erotic massage

Diary of a client

After months considering the idea of practice an open sexuality without taboos, I decided to leap into the void and try what it was an erotic massage.

I opted for a center that a friend used to visit: Felina Massage. It was 3 pm, after my lunch, I was in Can Bruixa Street, 44 b; in front of the discrete door of the center, and I still doubted if turn around to my privacy, my wife and my routine relationships.

A young lady discreetly dressed in black and a sublime natural beauty opened me the door. The place was magic, the outside door did not show an iota of what was hidden inside. A large black stairs leads to an elegant lounge where the young lady, that I prayed for she was the masseuse, offered me take a seat and brought me a cup of tea.

I told her that it was my first erotic massage, and I did not know how it worked. She explained to me calmly the full range of sensual massage that was in la carte, of which I remember, looking at the website:

  • Tantra Massage: a very sensual massage of slow movements, where the masseuse wears a thong, works with all the client´s body from head to toe, ending with a manual massage in the erogenous zones until the end. Is a receptor massage, which means that you are not allowed to touch the masseuse.
  • Body to Body Massage: is an interactive massage, in which the masseuse performs very sinuous movements with her whole body over the client’s body, helping with their forearms, breasts and legs to do the corporal massage. In this massage the client can cares the masseuse´s body, except in her intimate zones, for that reason she wears a sexy thong.
  • Touch Massage: is the most erotic and the longest massage that we have. The masseuse is complete naked, which awake all your sense at the first sight. In the massage you can find different techniques of relaxation and excitement, mixing some techniques such as prostate massage, Californian massage, hints of body body and tantric massage. After the hour of treatment, you can enjoy of a relaxing bath with the masseuse in the large bathtub that they have.

After 5 minutes of explanation, I did not know which to choose. For a person who has no idea of massages, all look alike and the goal is the same, the ejaculation. So I left advise… for being the first time, is better if you try the Body to Body, is a complete massage in which you can interact with me. DONE!!

She said to me, if I wanted to meet her colleagues, or if I preferred that she was my masseuse, I did not hesitate one second. This gorgeous Brazilian made me falling in love from the first moment. I have seen her pictures on the website afterwards, and I think all of them can steal your heart.

I entered in a elegant room, with lit candles, scent of incense, ambient music and a tatami with clean sheets, rose petals and a tray with almond oil and cream. She gave me the towel and told me that took a shower meanwhile she was ready.

When I came out the shower I stayed up wrapped in the towel without know what to do. She entered immediately with a shirt only. She told me, lie down on the bed face down, meanwhile she took off her shirt, leaving a sensual piece of lingerie only.

Her body was one of a beautiful young: budding breasts, silky skin tan, perfect curves and smooth bottom. She started to massage me feet and legs, I could see her body through the large mirrors that there were on every wall.

I loved her seductive movements of cobra over my body, she caressing my back with her breasts and her breathing sneaks into my ears provoking me a volcano of pleasure… After half an hour of sensorial and visual enjoyment, she told me: please, turn around.

Embarrassed by my quick erection, she told me that nothing was happening, the strange thing would be the contrary, and ask me that controlled my breathing to be able to extend the pleasure. I learned the theory but the practice I saw more complicate. I had her body over mine, her breathing in my ears and my hand with the help of her hands went over her chest and body. Finally, and through slow movements and massaging me what she had called lingam, I let myself go to a pleasurable ejaculation unequaled.

I know that their names are neither Lorena, nor Maya, nor Pamela, nor Naomi, nor Nadia. I know that are their nicknames to hide their real identity. But that I can discover in Felina Massage is the existence of a unparalleled world of pleasure. Thanks to those women that make you fall in love, seduce you and work on your body like never before had done.

Genuine goddesses of pleasure…


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