Sensitive Touch Massage vs. Felina Passion Massage

Sensitive massage Felina Massage

Do you know what a sensitive massage is? Are you thinking about reserving an erotic massage in Barcelona and don’t know which one to settle for? Do you have any doubts about Felina Massage’s Sensitive Touch and Felina Passion Massage? If so, you cannot miss this post in which we are going to tell you about their main differences and similarities.

There are many customers who write to us for asking about the difference between the Felina Passion Massage and the Sensitive Touch Massage. Although the individual description of every erotic massage has explained each of them in detail, we understand that it can be a bit confusing for those who are just getting started in the world of erotic massages.

Similarities between the Sensitive Touch and Felina Passion massages:

  • Body massage: Both the Sensitive Touch and Felina Passion massages are performed on the client’s body from front and behind, and it culminates in a manual massage of the genitals: the lingam massage for men and the yoni massage for women.
  • Full nude massage: In order to perform these two erotic massages, both the masseuse and the customer must be completely nude. In this way, the client can have a look at the masseuse’s private parts, and increase his pleasure.
  • High degree of eroticism: Both are sensuous massages loaded with a high dose of eroticism. The masseuse’s technique, caresses and movements are boosted by the fact of being able to see her private parts, which leads to an increased arousal in the client.
  • Duration: Both the Sensitive Touch and the Felina Passion massages last for 1 hour each, and include the possibility of adding another 15 minutes of erotic shower:

Felina Passion Massage: €170 + €20 for 15 minutes of relaxing bath

Sensitive Touch Massage: €180 + €20 for 15 minutes of relaxing bath

Sensitive massage Bcn

Differences between the Sensitive Touch Massage and the Felina Passion Massage:

- Body pressure: The Sensitive Touch Massage is an erotic massage that uses pressure. The masseuse will work on the leg muscles with her hands, and will press and stroke the client’s back and chest with her body. In the Felina Passion Massage the masseuse will work her way with caresses and gentle movements on the client’s face and rest of the body. The massage allows hugging, which will enable the client to feel the masseuse’s fully nude body in his arms.

- Prostate Massage: The prostate massage will be included in the Sensitive Touch Massage upon the client’s request.

- Facial Massage: In the Felina Passion Massage, the masseuse will start with a 15-minute facial massage.

- Order of movements: In the Sensitive Touch Massage, the masseuse starts from the feet, moves to the back, and subsequently works on the front side of the client’s body through a body-to-body massage. She finishes with a lingam or manual massage of the genitalia. In the Felina Passion Massage, the masseuse starts with a facial massage. She then gently works on the client’s entire back through a body-to-body massage before sitting in front of the client for fusing into a deep hug, and follows it up with a front side body-to-body massage. She ends the session with a lingam or manual massage of the private parts.

What are your thoughts about this comparison between the Sensitive Touch Massage and the Felina Passion Massage? We hope that this post has helped you to clarify the differences between both these erotic massages. If you still have some doubt, need more information or wish to make a reservation for the Sensitive or Felina Passion Massage, you can get in touch with us through our contact form or give us a call on +34 675 511 752. Remember, if you really want to find out the differences between these two erotic massages, it would be best to try them out. Shall we start with the Sensitive Touch Massage?


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