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Sensual massage Barcelona

When we talk about sensuality, we usually refer to women. However the sensuality is an innate ability of the human being, and far from being an instinct, it is a learned behavior. Both men and women can feel and develop it. At Felina Massage we bring out your sensuality, but in order for you to feel it, you must find balance within yourself, feeling comfortable with yourself and your way of being.

A sensual person has a unique magnetism, and is able to get attention from the opposite sex with just a glance, caress, transmitting a number of impulses that can delight, involve and absorb those who are receptive to these signals.

For this reason this week, we want to share with you some experiences of our sensual stars at felina Massage, our expert masseuses have a huge experience on how to increase your sensuality.

There are several ways to develop it, but we have to pay special attention in not crossing the fine line between subtly captivating and what could just be vulgar. Sensuality is stimulated thanks to our five senses:

  • Starting with a gaze, the eyes can express countless moods; thanks to the many nuances that the eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids add to our facial expressions.
  • Your smile and your lips will allow you to connect and get in tune with the other person.
  • Your body, your shape, the way you walk could attract many people. Enjoy your body, get to know it better and learn that the pleasure depends on us and not the others. Your body can give and receive unselfishly.
  • Your smell, your natural scent can trigger an intense desire in the other and further defines the essence of each person.
  • Hearing, a voice, feeling the breath of the other, sweet whispered words can help someone reaching a level that is beyond physical contact.
  • The taste of skin emphasizes someone´s general beauty from another perspective.
  • And last but not least: the touch, thanks to subtle and delicate caresses you will participate to a joyful exchange of intimacy, eroticism and pleasure.

Make the most of all your senses and take advantage of them by giving and receiving pleasure in order to arouse desire.


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