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Erotic massages in Barcelona

There are many routes in our body to reach the same destination: the pleasure. The map of the erogenous zones guides us to get the climax from others coordinates. For this reason this week we will give special attention to the chest and breasts. Despite of they are considered as a secondary erogenous zone, these help us to awake the arousal en the primary zones, which is in our genitals.

The breasts and chest are one of the areas of the female´s and male´s anatomy with high erotic charge, due the skin around the collar bone is very thin and very receptive to touch, also there are some erogenous point that are able to take over the moon with a simple touch; just to be caressed with the right intensity and will become in the center of the pleasure.

Our experts in erotic massages in Barcelona tell us that the secret of a good massage in both breasts and chest is not being in a hurry. The good caresses in this are so feminine could take the woman to live an authentic orgasm without need the penetration, according to some statistics.

To start this exciting massage for women, is better is your partner put some oil in his hand and hold the boobs with them; delicately and gentle will begin to caress with circular movements, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Meanwhile the hands rest over the breast will caress the side with the thumbs at the same time that will move the hangs in diagonal from the side of the rib until the opposite shoulder. Without forget about the nipples that will touch with the fingertips, playing a little be with them, and if you dare you can pinch then to give to the massage a touch of spice. Finally, you hold the nipple with your fingers like a scissor while you pass the other hand for the end of the nipple. A perfect erotic massage to spend a relax moment with your partner in Barcelona.

And for men, you will position on the right of your partner, in line with his hips. You will place the hands on his chest then make circular movements: clockwise for the right breast and anti-clockwise for the left. Still making circular movements, bring the breasts in towards each other, and then separate them. Next, slide your fingers from the nipple towards the outside of the breast, then make a gentle kneading movement with the skin, varying the pressure. To finish on a more sensual note, you can delicately blow his chest; just as we do in one of our massages, our Sensual Massage

Erotic massages in Barcelona

Let your imagination fly, and get ready to experience new sensations… If you want to try this or another tantric technique in Barcelona, you can make a reservation at +34 675 511 752 / +34 934 915 035 or through our contact form.


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    Do you do massage at home in poble sec.and.if.yes how much cost
    • Hello Mark, thank you for contact us. Briefly we'll send you an e-mail with all information for your appointment. Regards.
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