Ending the year with massages in Barcelona

Ending the year with massages in Barcelona

As 2015 draws to a close in Barcelona, we are left with only two days and 2015 will then pave the way for a new year full of new plans, wishes and motivations. There are a lot of goals, so much so that all of them are marked, among which the most common, as many of you might know, are signing up for the gym, not getting angry, looking after your health more, dieting… Many people know that these are goals that are repeated time and again, and there are some who even get anxious with the mere thought of not being able to achieve them.

But this is no reason to get demoralized. The most important thing is to have a renewed vigor to confront all those new challenges that the arrival of the New Year’s Eve poses in front of us. At Felina Massage we are concerned about the well-being of our customers and believe that the balance between the body and mind enables one to deal with everything without any limits, taboos and prejudices. So, how does it seem to you if you allow yourself a nice experience full of relaxation, comfort and devoid of the party-stress on these last few days of the year: What do you think of relishing the real massages in Barcelona?

After enjoying a massage with our team of masseuses in an atmosphere like the one offered by our massage parlor in Barcelona, you will certainly feel better and more relaxed to attain your New Year’s Resolutions, and you may even start to complete them:

- I have to go to the gym more often: the erotic massage stimulates blood circulation and thereby improves and accelerates the body metabolism. Moreover, the increased heart rate, vasodilation of erogenous genitalia, faster breathing and the orgasm itself… is a waste of energy compared with a session in the gym, but a lot more pleasurable.

- I shouldn’t get annoyed so quickly: foul mood is many a times caused by stress, and stress is the main enemy of erotic massage. It is proven that stress reduces sexual desire, and that an orgasm is the best ally to relieve tension. It is for this reason that an erotic massage becomes your best option to delete stress from your life and have a good mood.

- I need to take better care of my health: in our massages in Barcelona we try and work on all parts of the body, thereby activating the body’s circulation. A good circulation and proper hydration will keep your body hydrated and firm. Besides, it is proven that the orgasm produces a hormone that rejuvenates and oxygenates the skin. On the other hand, the erotic massage will help you to release oxytocin and DHEA, hormones that are released with the orgasm and act beneficially to protect against cancer.

- I have to start dieting or, at least, eating less: The erotic massage relaxes and pacifies the body and mind, thereby helping to reduce depression, stress and anxiety. With less anxiety you will be able to carry out your diet without putting in a lot of effort, and eat healthier.

Enjoy the sensual and professional massages in Barcelona on this New Year’s Eve 2015, and enjoy the start of a year with renewed energy. Whether you are male or female, you may come alone, along with your friends or with your partner. Our massage menu in Barcelona meets your needs.

The Felina Massage team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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