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Erotic couple massage

The couple massages are the best experiences you can have at Felina Massage. Whether you have made up your mind to surprise your partner or both of you want to add a touch of sensuality to your sex life, this is the most suitable place to make it happen. Our erotic masseuses will provide you with the most special evening. Why don’t you come over to discover it?

With our touch we like to awaken the senses of all those people that come to pay us a visit at Felina Massage. The hands, touch of the skin and excellent aromas in our suites recreate the most sensual and passionate universe. What better way of discovering it than with your partner? Would you like to get a first-hand experience of what it feels like, thanks to the hands of an expert erotic masseuse?

Both the erotic masseurs and masseuses at our massage center will allow you to enjoy the sexiest massage. You can do it in two ways: leaving the work to the experts or letting yourself be carried away by their teachings and providing the massage to your partner on your own.

There are two types of couple massages at Felina Massage:

  • With a masseuse/masseur: Rest assured that the touch of their hands will help you to be carried away and get a first-hand experience of what eroticism and sensuality mean. The massage will first be performed on your skin and the masseuse or masseur will then move on to your partner. Once it is over, he or she will teach you how to provide a gentle and erotic massage to your partner so that both of you can stimulate each other at home.
  • With two masseuses: If you prefer to get fully carried away, this is the most suitable way of doing so. Both of you will be attended to by an erotic masseuse/masseur from start to finish.

Types of couple massages

The couple massages that you can choose on your visit to our massage center are different. If it is your first time, you can let our receptionist advise you so that you can slowly discover this amazing world in which eroticism, elegance and pleasure are combined.

Tantric massage

As we were telling you in this post, the tantric massage is a type of erotic massage wherein one seeks to totally relax the body and minimize the accumulated anxiety. We can improve our physical and spiritual health through this ritual.

Body-to-body massage

It is certainly a unique experience as far as sensory stimulation and relaxation are concerned. Thanks to the caresses and body contact between the two partners, the sexual tension between the two of you will skyrocket.

This couple massage is interactive, since both of you can always touch each other in order to increase the excitement between the two of you.

Touch Massage

We explained it to you in this article. The Touch massage can be performed in different ways so as to achieve the maximum possible pleasure.

The special massage starts when the masseurs/masseuses teach both the partners to perform every caress for the massage art to penetrate them and make them enjoy to the fullest. It is for this reason that it is one of the star erotic massages at Felina Massage, for it is full of eroticism, elegance and sensuality.

Which one of them would you like to try with your partner? Call us on +34 675 511 752 or send us an email to info@felinamassage.com or fill up our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the erotic masseuses working at Felina Barcelona, you can check out the ones available in real time.


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