Erogenous zones: Do you know how to draw the female body’s map?

A woman lying down and ready to receive an erotic massage

Erogenous zones: do you know how to draw the map of a woman’s body?

Scene one: you are in a nightclub. You have your eyes set on a girl and before you know anything, the two of you are in a taxi on your way home. The night promises a happy ending, but you are aware of the fact that you barely know her. Once you enter the room, she is about to start a private dance show for you and you get turned on by the idea of getting to know a new body but… you get the jitters because you don’t know where to start from. Which is the erogenous zone that absolutely drives them crazy?

Scene two: you stopped going to the nightclubs a while ago just to get laid with your long-time partner. Periodic sex is assured for you and you think that you know absolutely everything about your girl’s body. The two of you have been together for so long now that it is not necessary to cover every inch of each other’s skin to know what you like and what you don’t.

Our proposal: today we are here to have a look at the basic- and advanced-level female geography. Keep reading and let us know whether you agree or not.

Erogenous map of a woman’s body

We men supposedly turn out to be worse prepared because our erogenous zones are delimited especially by the penis and testicles. Come on, the party would start quickly if we had our erogenous zone manipulated. However, not all body parts of a man are genitals. Yes, we do we have sensitive areas. We know that. But there is no doubt about the fact that the feminine sensitivity is more complex as compared to ours.

Just focusing on her genitals is not a good idea. That is where the foreplay demanded by so many of them comes into play… But beware! Not all women react in the same way to caresses. The type of contact applied also varies: whether it is pressure, vibration, more gentle touches or even wilder scratches.

A woman’s erogenous zones

According to a research (how are these things measured in a laboratory, anyway?), the most sensitive female erogenous zones in decreasing order of sensitivity are:

  • The clitoris: the first item on the list must be the last to be attacked.
  • The vagina: do you dare to look for the G-spot?
  • The lips: kissing, sucking, light biting…
  • The neck: a nice area to launch the attack from.
  • The breasts (and the nipples): it is quite arousing for her, and probably for you as well. See to it that you don’t stay there all the time.
  • The inside of the thighs: to keep yourself busy for a while with your tongue and lips before reaching her heart. That will set her on fire.
  • The back of the neck
  • The ears
  • The ass

Having enumerated all the key points, we now have to add other secondary but equally important areas: the back, hips, shoulders, belly and wrists, the feet… You should also remember that not all those areas react in the same way to different stimuli. The girl’s sensitivity can vary according to the type of contact applied (pressure, caress, vibration, scratch…)

Touch and massage her. Mix the passion and tenderness to increase the sensuality through eye contact. We must not forget that the goal is to activate a set of feelings that make her wet and turn her on. However, there is something you probably already knew: every girl is a world in herself. What one girl likes may not even tickle the other. The longer you take familiarizing yourself with her erotic geography during the foreplay, the more intense her orgasm. Do not go downhill, for, as the experts say, “the orgasm is in the head”.

If you want to map out her entire body, we have the delightful exclusive couple service on offer for you at Felina Massage. Do you dare to give it a try?


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