Primary erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are the parts of the body more sensitive to touch, which are stimulated causing arouse sexual desire

There are different erogenous zones, of which only 99% of people are concentrated exclusively in the primary.

Primary erogenous zones

Are the set of organs that everyone knows and works to achieve orgasm.

In women would be the clitoris and vagina. The clitoris is activated by touching or kissing circular. The vagina by stimulating the G-spot

In men would glans and penis, which are stimulated by touching, kissing and masturbation.

But that aside secondary erogenous zones? For time? unknowingly? More and more couples turn to felina massage to enjoy an open sexuality, learning how to excite secondary erogenous zones .. are they?

Secondary erogenous zones

They are the erogenous zones of the body, stimulated by touch or massage indirectly excite the primary areas, causing prolonged pleasure. These areas are:

- Foot Fetish element of many men and women.

- Nipples: particularly women, very sensitive organ that hardens with excitement. It is stimulated by gentle caresses.

- Buttocks: in the buttocks erotic massage is an important part when it comes to increase sexual desire. Indirectly fondling the buttocks give signals to the brain that caresses approach the primary erogenous zones, causing greater bodily arousal.

- Other parts: neck, forearm, perineum, anus ... they are areas that enhance male and female sexuality.

If you want more information about it, get close to the center and learn to know the human body of man or woman, and most pleasant areas.

Learn to enjoy an open sexuality without taboo, enjoy a shared pleasure... enjoy total relaxation session in Felina Massage.


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