Erotic massage for couples in Barcelona

Erotic massage for couples in Barcelona

For those people who think they need new emotions in the relationship, for those who live a opened sexuality without taboos, and for those who are not satisfied with a monotonic relationship…. The erotic massage is the solution.

In felina massage we are specialized in erotic massage for couples, thanks to our professional masseuses who will be your guide to reawaken eroticism in your relationship, teaching what should be stroking erogenous zones and how to stimulate them.

There are two types of erogenous zones to consider in the body:

- Primary erogenous zones: the primary erogenous zones are the set of organs that we already know: the vagina and clitoris in women and penis and glans in man. Concerning the tantric massage is through lingam massage (for men) and yoni massage (for women)

- Secondary erogenous zones: In this group would be another parts of the body like: feet, nipples, lower abdomen, neck …

In order to stimulate both erogenous zones (primary and secondary), the best option is an erotic massage.

The couple’s erotic massage are the best tool to create a new sensual game in the relationship, with them we can extend the excitement and as a result enhance orgasm.

Sexuality is an important part of the couple, so you should devote some attention, at least 20 míninuts is advisable to devote to foreplay to create the desired level of excitation.

If you want more information on the subject, visit us in our relax center and we will inform you about the different techniques of massage that we offer.

We encourage you to break the monotony, and discover a new shared sensuality.


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