Erotic massage solution to the inability to perform in bed

Erotic massages against sexual limpness

One of the main fears of a man is to be unable to copulate during the act or erotic massage. Today at felina Massage we want to explain you what losing one’s erection is all about, what its determining factors are and what must be done to help prevent it through a professional erotic massage.

What is meant by having a bigcat?

A bigcat is an awkward situation that can happen to a man when an erection suddenly disappears in the middle of the act, without him being able to do anything to revive the situation. The number of men who went limp at least once in their lives is high. It generally happens to teenagers and during the initial sexual experiences, since nervousness plays a very important role in “fraying”.

What leads to a softy during sexual intercourse?

As we discussed earlier, in teenage or the initial sexual relationships it is usual because of the nervousness of the situation, though it can also occur in specific situations owing to fatigue, lack of concentration, stress, sexual self-demandingness, lack of interest due to the person with whom you are having sex… and it can also be due to external agents like the partner’s little experience in keeping the flame alive, the anti-erotic place of rendezvous…

Due to these and many other factors, at felina Massage we want to recommend our erotic massages in Barcelona to you so that you can relish a complete and satisfactory orgasm.

How do erotic massages solve the problem of men firing blanks?

If you go limp sporadically, at felina Massage we recommend you some methods of relaxation and breathing that may help you avoid those awkward situations. If the “sexual failure” persists, we advise you to consult a specialist in order to deal with the matter openly. Remember that limp penis is not a sexual dysfunction, and that there are many solutions to solve this sexual problem. Below are three important tips that the masseuses use during our erotic massages in Barcelona against sexual limpness to prevent such situations.

  • The erotic massage environment is relaxing and sensual. Dim light and relaxing and seductive background music will give the right dose of eroticism for any sexual setting you want to have with your partner.
  • Communication before the erotic massage. Whether you are with your partner or with the erotic masseuse, it is important to let them know about your anxiety or worry. In such a case, the erotic masseuse will calm down the client during the erotic massage, and if he goes limp, she won’t give any importance to it and will continue with the massage, with the possibility that the customer might just get turned on again. Pressure and guilt are the worst allies of a man. So, if you are a woman and your partner occasionally suffers from an inability to copulate, don’t attach any importance to it and lighten up the situation. He will be grateful to you and this attitude might probably solve the issue.
  • Slowly and carefully before the lingam massage: The peace and time that one has in an erotic massage is essential for being able to enjoy the foreplay and prolonging the orgasm. We recommend you to take your time while having sex. Haste and pressure will lead to bigcats.

For more information, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, we encourage you to give any of the erotic massages we have on offer a try. Men can enjoy a personalized erotic massage without any tension or pressure, and if he comes along with his partner, the erotic masseuse will teach the woman how to act in the event of his man going limp.


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