Erotic massages: Erogenous zones for women

Erotic massages erogenous zones

Have you made up your mind to take the plunge and come to try out an exquisite erotic massage? If you are coming over to our Felina Massage erotic massage center with your partner, here are some tips for how your partner will have an amazing time. Our staff at Felina Massage will be delighted to attend to you if you happen to drop by.

Last week we told you about the male erogenous zones. There are small switches in the male body that, as soon as they are stimulated, arouse an irrepressible sexual desire. The same thing happens with women! Although the switches change, the arousal mechanism in a woman’s body is more or less the same.

The female body, as you might already know, is a lot more touch-sensitive and its functioning goes beyond visual stimuli. A simple caress, a touch of hands or a different texture on a woman’s skin can lead to an orgasm. Can you imagine? It is for this reason that you cannot miss the chance to enjoy an excellent erotic massage with her on our premises: you will be giving a treat to all her senses.

There are many couples visiting us at Felina Massage. They seek to innovate, break free of the routine life or know new limits in their sexuality. Do you dare to find out more about the female erogenous zones at our massage center? We are waiting for you!

Essential areas for women according to Felina

Would you like to know which the erogenous zones are according to the guys at Felina during an erotic massage? Just like the girls told us about their experience with the customers, the guys pointed out the areas that should never be forgotten: ears, navel, hair or feet.


This is, without doubt, one of women’s most sensitive erogenous zones and the one, as you would imagine, that is most explored during an erotic massage. Do you know why it is so?

The neck skin is a lot thinner than that of the rest of the back, due to which it is not necessary to put excessive pressure to touch the endless nerve endings of the body: you can feel them out in the open.


Another erotic zone for women is the navel: its proximity to the vagina and its strategic position in the female anatomy make the place one of guaranteed arousal.

It is usually a point to massage before proceeding to areas providing greater arousal, like the breasts, due to which the prohibitive factor comes into picture here.


You surely hadn’t seen this coming! Whether you believe it or not, feet have been one of the most researched elements by the experts for a long time, for they hide various stimulating points of sexuality. Therefore, it is very important during an erotic massage to know how to find those zones that, on being pressed, increase the sexual libido, as well as for alleviating anxiety, tension or pain.

At Felina Massage, the massages are accompanied by all kinds of details, whether they are fragrances, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to fully relax yourself with the guys/girls at Felina with a dose of luxury and sensuality, thanks to an erotic massage. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us at or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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