Erotic massages for couples at Felina Massage: Types

Erotic massages for couples

There is no greater pleasure for the senses than an erotic massage. And what better way of enjoying it than with your couple? At Felina Massage, we have come up with various types of erotic massages so that you can drop by with your partner and rekindle the flame in you. Are you interested in knowing them?

At Felina Massage, we always strive for your pleasure, and also that of all your senses. Therefore, we use the hands of the expert masseuses who will quickly find your sensory and sexual stimuli with a simple touch. For that, they will rely on the erogenous zones of men and women in order to provide you with an unforgettable sensory experience.

The couple massage is the best gift you can give to your lover and sexual partner. It is a way of exploring new horizons in sex from your partner’s hand and experience how the two of you will feel while discovering new areas of the body that can turn on your partner.

Are you dropping by to give it a try? You can choose among different kinds of erotic massages for couples. None of them will leave you any different and will give you a hint about what you can experience if you come back to our massage center.

Felina Massage’s couple massages

First, it is important to note a huge difference between the different types of massages: those performed by a single masseuse, and those performed by two masseuses.

In the first case, the masseuse will interact with both of you and will teach you to interact with each other in the same way. On the other hand, the two masseuses will focus on your bodies and experience so that the two of you will wish to pay us a visit again.

Here are the different erotic massages provided at Felina Massage:

  • Tantric massage for couples: The masseuse explores the entire body with caresses and hands, and finishes with a manual massage of the intimate parts.
  • Body-to-body massage for couples: In this case, the masseuse will caress your bodies –from head to toe– with hers. She will also finish it with a manual massage of your intimate parts.
  • Touch Massage for couples: The body is caressed again by the masseuse from head to toe through a manual massage of the genitals. However, in this case, both of you can take a step beyond and request a prostate massage, agreeing it beforehand with her and her partner.

At Felina Massage, the massages are accompanied by all kinds of details, whether they are aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to wrap yourself in relaxation and relax with the Felina guys and girls along with a dose of lust and sensuality, thanks to an erotic massage. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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