Erotic massages for gays at Felina Massage

Gay massages in Barcelona

Hi everyone! Waiting for the latest Felina Massage news? Today we want to make you a part of the latest changes that have taken place at our massage center. As you would have already seen, at Felina Massage we love to innovate and be up-to-date to always stay trendy. Last month we boosted our menu with a new category: Gay Massages. Were you waiting for them? If so, you cannot miss this post. Keep reading!

Gay massages at Felina Massage

For how long have you been waiting for this piece of news? There are many customers who called us everyday asking about erotic massages for gays or massages for men by men. After working on it for several months, we are delighted to announce that we have included erotic gay massages in our massage menu.

However, and although we call this experience gay massages, they are not exclusively for homosexuals, but are at the disposal of all men who crave for new sensations, want to explore their sexuality or simply prefer to be in another man’s arms.

We have several erotic gay massages on offer at Felina Massage. Among them, star massages like the Body-to-body Massage, Mutual Massage and Prostate Massage stand out. Some of these experiences are also available to be enjoyed with your partner.

Just like the other massages on our menu, at Felina Massage we look after the minutest details to assure our clients of a unique experience in an atmosphere with a high dose of eroticism and sensuality. Candles, aromas, relaxing music… with Felina Massage’s gay massages, you will completely disconnect from your routine. What are you waiting for to drop by to give them a try?

Erotic massages for gays at Felina Massage

Male masseurs for men

These new gay massages have given us the chance to incorporate two new boys specialized in the art of massaging a man’s body to our team of erotic masseurs. They are Alex and Nacho. You still don’t know them? Do you have any doubts as to which one of them you should choose? Today we are going to tell you about them.

The first recruit is Alex, a bisexual Catalan erotic masseur. This stunning 33-year Spaniard provides erotic massages to both men and women. As you can see, his body doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone. His musculous body is perfect for enjoying one of the best body-to-body massages of your life. Besides a body that will leave you speechless, his expert hands will awaken hitherto unknown sensations in you. His specialty is the body-to-body erotic massage. Can you imagine his statuesque body sliding on top of yours?

The second and last recruit, for the time being is Nacho, an erotic masseur who only massages men. Nacho is a real “Twink”, which in gay argot refers to homosexual men who look young, have a slim body and little body hair. As you can see in his photos, Nacho’s body completely matches this description. For many homosexual men, “Twinks” are a sexual fantasy. If you are one of them, Nacho is the perfect erotic gay masseur for you. With a fair silky skin, Nacho is the perfect blend of innocence and eroticism. Being in his arms assures you of a unique experience that will take some forgetting. This 26-year-old gay masseur is an expert in the prostate massage and Lingam ending. Do you dare to try his star erotic massage?

What are your thoughts about the news we have brought for you today? Would you try an erotic massage for men by men? Which erotic massage do you think is missing from our list? Have you tried any of our gay massages? We would like to hear your opinion!


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