Erotics Massages in the buttocks

The erotics massages stimulate many areas of our body, the skin in contact with the tantric masseuse over your body will evoke very pleasant feelings that will make you shake from head to toe. One of these areas are the buttocks, an erogenous zone par excellence, has countless nerve endings that can trigger an explosion of very exciting emotions.

Our experts in tantric massages, will give you some tips to learn and enjoy a great sensitive massage in the buttocks:

As every Lingam or Yoni massage, before beginning should have an initial contact, starting with gentle strokes, fleeting but especially very sensual. You can touch with your fingertips, or use some erotic tools such as feathers.

Once you have explored the area, the careness are intensified and with the help of an oil at a pleasant temperature, you should massage them in a circular movements ever more wide and gradually increasing the pressure; a bit of strength, as if you were knead. And if you feel creative you can use other parts of your body, like breasts, forearms, feet or why not the knees.

You can also add a hint of spice, giving unexpected pat, changing the intensity and gestures, for example if you want them sweet you should make it with the hands arched, and if you prefer firmly, you just have to open your hands, all depends on the taste of each one.

Without forgetting the perineal massage that it is highly erotic too, massaged with large movements, previously smeared oil on the hands.

Dare and discover all the pleasure that is in you!!…


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