Erotic massages: The erogenous zones for men

Erotic massages

We all have an Achilles heel, especially if we talk about sex. If we were to tell you that there are millions of nerve endings in our body that work as a sex switch in a man, would you believe us? You would surely be convinced. But if were to tell you that many of those switches are only activated with the touch of a good erotic massage, you would certainly need proofs to be sure about it. Do you want to know what it is about? Our boys and girls at Felina Massage will be delighted to show them to you in Barcelona if you happen to pay them a visit.

They are what we commonly know as erogenous zones. They are nerve endings in our body that reach the skin surface and our sexual desire increases as soon as they are stimulated.

The best way to stimulate them, as you would imagine, are the erotic massages that you can experience at Felina Massage in Barcelona. The touch of hair, ears, inner thighs… quite an experience for the senses from the most exquisite of hands… do you dare to give it a try?

You can drop by alone, with your partner, with two female friends or choose two Felina girls. Our imagination knows no limits! Rest assured, however, that all the erogenous zones of your body will get the goosebumps.

Essential areas for men according to Felina

Do you want to know the zones that arouse men the most according to the girls at Felina? They have shared with us their experiences with the customers and they are spot on: ears, neck and back are touch-sensitive.


There is no better way of arousing a man’s feelings than by touching him and massaging his head. The Felina girls use the fingertips to provide circular massages in the central area as well as the rest of the hairy skin. Without ceasing to do it very affectionately and sensually, this is the best way to awaken any man’s senses. Do you agree?


Along with the skin, a man’s nerve endings can also be aroused through his ears. This is the most sensitive part of the body, due to which awakening the sexual desire is very easy during a massage around the ear.

Arms and hands

Most of the massages provided at Felina Massage seek to connect with the customers sensually and, at the same time, erotically. If the sexual stimuli are aroused, thanks to the touches on arms and hands, it will be a very smooth, but at the same time pleasant feeling, even reaching an orgasm with the stimuli in question.

Inner thigh

This area is one of the most daring ones: the closeness to the genitalia causes many men receiving an erotic massage to feel an irrepressible sexual desire. Doing it in a gentle and circular way throughout the muscles, while also using the fingertips (in the best case with the thumbs), leads all men to a strong arousal. It is one of the preferred massages for a reason!

The massages at Felina Massage are accompanied by all kinds of details, whether they are aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to envelop yourself in relaxation and relax with the Felina girls with a dose of luxury and sensuality. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us at We are waiting for you!


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