Erotic masseurs in Barcelona

Erotic masseurs in Bcn

Are you a woman and are passionate about erotic massages? Would you dare to try an experience with an erotic masseur in Barcelona? Felina Massage is the right place for doing it! Discover the breathtaking body of guys at our massage center. We are waiting for you!

As Ovid explained, in the first known accounts about seduction, one has talked of sexual foreplay for the conquest among persons in the deepest love for their being. But the things have changed over the centuries. Courtship has changed with times, and it is not just about having sex for mere reproduction, but has become an act and positioned itself as the greatest pleasure of personal well-being in the world.

Caressing, kissing and massaging are small actions that can achieve big things… even move mountains! We can assure you that, at Felina Massage, more than one of our customers just come over to get another gesture of love without going on to have sex with the erotic masseurs in Barcelona.

The sensual and erotic massage is one of the most attractive and lecherous actions for starting a nice and arousing foreplay prior to any sexual relation.

The art of erotic massage

The erotic massage, as we have been saying, is a full-fledged art. The hands and especially the erotic masseurs’ skill of moving them make the caresses and sensual and stimulating friction arouse all the sexual senses through touch for relaxing and activating all types of pheromones for getting into the most pervert and carnal act.

From the slippery act of a nice and simple massage, through the tantric massage wherein one wishes to stimulate beyond friction, that is one wants to find tantra (or the energy of the chakras), seduction and pleasure, and ending in those more relational and mutual massages, whether with your partner or the special ones in which both the parties massage each other till they have reached a complete orgasm. Just by caressing!

Are there are only female masseuses? NO!

It is more common to come across girls engaged in love-making and erotic arts in which they offer all the love and seduction for satisfying the lascivious and lecherous needs of their customers, but not everybody prefers breasts and a vagina… nor are all men desirous of a woman who will love them.

There are many women, or couples, or even men, who prefer a nice guy to caress and provide them with different feelings. Married women, stunning spinsters, and the more open-minded couples drop by at Felina Massage for enjoying a nice erotic-festive time.

Do you want to know our masseurs?


He is an attractive masseur with a very manly and stylish mood who will catch the attention and pleasure of anyone who passes through his hands. Gentleness, tenderness and firmness are some of the skills possessed by his hands, torso and any part of his well-built body.

Specialized in massages for women, he knows every nook and cranny of the female body for making them enjoy to the fullest by just caressing them.

You can find out more about him in his profile.


His youthful looks and athletic and dazzling body leave more than one woman breathless. Cristian likes to insinuate to and arouse women in particular by turning them on and caressing their entire body.

In his profile you can see that he specializes in sensory massages, wherein he tries to awaken all your senses and show you the best of his hands and the skill they radiate.


With a hot Latin appearance, Thiago is a Brazilian who dazzles just with his gaze. And no wonder! This sexy erotic masseur at Felina Massage is detail-oriented and gentle in the dose of eroticism he offers in his most sensual massages.

He is specialized in couple massages for providing one (or both) the partners with what they need, or teaching what one needs to know for performing a nice erotic massage.

Know more about him in his profile.

All in all, the erotic massages are essential elements in any sort of sexual relation, whether with your partner or at massage centers like ours where pleasure and carnal fun are assured.

The massages at Felina Massage always go hand in hand with all kinds of details like aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to surround yourself with relaxation and relax with a dose of luxury and sensuality offered by an erotic massage given by the Felina guys and girls. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us at or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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