Erotic parties: sharing the pleasure

Erotic massage for couples

Massage comes from the Greek word ‘massein’ which means to mix, to knead.

It was precisely because of the Greek’s influence, long before rejection of physical contact was promulgated by Christianism, that the Roman civilization established the practice of bacchanals.

These started off as rituals of a religious nature, in order to worship Dionysus, God of grape harvesting and wine, but progressively became erotic in essence.

The famous Roman bacchanals were parties with a majority of male presence (excepting some slaves or prostitutes). Parties where everything was allowed: people would drink andeat excessively and participants could fulfill their erotic fantasies.

In Felina Massage we want to recreate those libertine environments; sensuality and exclusivity first and foremost. We want to offer our clients the possibility of traveling through time and discovering spaces in which to let loose their erotic fantasies.

Our establishment, decorated with seigniorial elegance, is ideal for disconnecting from the world and transporting us to a completely different place. A massage with a beautiful and professional masseuse in which her body will slide and slither on top of yours, wet with oil.
Or better still; a massage with your friends in a suite, sharing this amazing experience and having a good time.

Imagine entering an elegantly decorated room and seeing gorgeous girls moving gracefully on your girlfriend’s and boyfriend’s bodies. Candles, relaxing music and the almond scent oil. Leave the stress behind, the problems in the office, the usual annoyances… and sink in the most pleasant oblivion.

Although far from those crazy bacchanals celebrated in Rome, nowadays we can still find retreats where we can meet with friends, free ourselves from inhibitions and set your imagination free.


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