Felina Passion Massage: caresses and sensuality with great emotion

Felina Passion Massage

If you are addicted to caresses, massages rich in gentleness and delicate and subtle sensations, the Felina Passion Massage was what you were looking for. We invite you to come over and give it a try! We have erotic masseuses who specialize in this art of eroticism and will take you to another dimension with the mere touch of their hands.

The Felina Passion Massage, also known as the Felina Passion Lingam, is ideal for those people who are looking to relax beyond the point of sensuality. Thanks to the caresses on the body’s erogenous zones, an excellent complement of breathing and meditation, this is the most sensitive massage on our menu.

Do you dare to try it? We just have one rule: the client must have a shower before the Passion Massage, in a way that his body starts relaxing even before he lies down on the tatami. For the bolder ones, it is also possible to hire the Erotic Shower add-on service, with which the shower will be an extremely sensual process: a masseuse will accompany you.

What is the Passion Lingam Massage?

There are various steps that we must not skip for this erotic massage to be a success. We are going to tell them to you one by one:

  • The masseuse, who will be fully nude, will invite you to stretch your back on the tatami.
  • The two of you will focus on your breathing: she will keep guiding you so that you can breathe deeply, so as to lower your heart rate and fully relax your body.
  • The special massage will start: her soft hands will make you enjoy a light facial massage.
  • Body-to-body: the masseuse will slide over the top of your body so that the eroticism keeps increasing.
  • You will turn around: the masseuse will turn you around so as to proceed with your back and hips.

Felina Passion Masseuses


Nicole is an extremely sweet and sexy woman. She is also very passionate, because of which you will be able to savor a memorable Felina Passion Massage with her. Nicole will seduce you right from the very outset: her Latin traits and exquisite smile will take you to a higher dimension of relaxation and eroticism.

You can check out her profile here.


Yuri is sweetness, tenderness and sensuality personified. Originally from Venezuela, this Latin beauty has two exquisite hands. She will always have a sweet word and touch for you and your body, mixing them with a high sexual and erotic tension. You can know more about her in her profile.

The massages at Felina Massage always go hand in hand with all kinds of details like aromas, candles or body oils suitable for every occasion. We invite you to surround yourself with relaxation and relax with a dose of luxury and sensuality offered by an erotic massage given by the Felina guys and girls. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us at info@felinamassage.com or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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