Female happy ending massage

Female happy ending massage

Despite many people still are surprised to read it, the female masturbation exists and as well as the erotic massages for women. We are in a period of a wide sexual freedom but instead people still do not conceive the idea of the self-satisfaction in women.

Everything begins when we are teenagers and our hormones incite us to self-explore and discover new sensations, is a good initiative but this is misted by beliefs (mostly religious) that is something bad; we feel guilty for doing something wrong. However, we have the right to know and fully enjoy of our body and sex.

For all women which still feel inhibit of the individual pleasure, we leave you some curious information to encourage you to discover new emotions and live your sexuality without prejudices:

Do the women masturbate?. According to the statistics, the 92 % of women do it regularly (and is probably that the rest do not declare openly). When we provoke us pleasure, by stimulating our genitals or erogenous zones, is a way to know better our body and release stress.

– The women masturbate more often than we think. The 60 % of women give self-pleasure 2-3 times per week. The 10% do it once a day (without fail). All depend on the the needs and likes.

Masturbation in your days. The experts say that could become your new and natural analgesic, they explain that the liberation of certain hormones can help you relieve the pain.

– Half of women prefer their own company. The 41% of women declare that they enjoy the masturbation more than the penetration. Which leads to take the control over our sexuality.

– Masturbation for sleeping. The 32 % of women do this to help to sleep, once we have reached our goal we find calm and immerse us in a complete satisfaction.

– Is useful as therapy in case of anorgasmy, vaginismus (contraction of vaginal muscles) and retarded orgasm. Some doctors recommend the self-stimulation before the penetration to know their genitals and the sexual sensations that produce.

When you have couple. Knowing all the benefits that we have been mentioned, we can take advantage of this, enjoying more of the sexual stimulation, being able to lead our couple to activate the corners where we feel sensations highly pleasurable.

From Felina Massage, we remind you that you are the owner of you body and you can do whatever you want, so if you want to indulge yourself do it without prejudice. And if you prefer that some professional give you, count on our masseurs Marcus and Cristian to enjoy an erotic massage with a movie ending.


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