Female pleasure vs Male pleasure

Although it seems that men and women perceive differently the erotic massages, we both enjoyed the pleasure of the moment. No matter if the stimulus and reactions are different, some studies indicate that the female and male pleasure look similar, however one of the most obvious differences is the time it takes to reach the climax of excitation.

According to the Gynecologist William Masters and the Sexologist Virginia Johnson, the 75% of men reach orgasm in 2 minutes or less after being stimulated, while women need around 20 mimutes. And the thing is in the physical level, it is easy to know when a man has reached the maximum pleasure, becoming evident by ejaculation, although not always happens at the same time that he has an orgasm. Instead in women is more complicated know the moment to reach the climax, despite the sensations of pleasure that invades all the body, there are those who have not yet learned to detect them and there is not a physical signal as obvious as they.

Another difference is the frequency of orgasm occurs, according to a research at the University of Chicago where explains that 75% of men reach the climax in their sexual life, opposite to 50% of the women who achieves it. However, the pleasure lasts less in men about 3 to 8 seconds; while in women could last between 13 and 51 seconds, apart from is simple have multiple orgasms in a short period of time.

And if we speak about feelings, psychological and emotional problems are able to inhibit female satisfaction completely, which does not occur in men.

Despite the differences, there is a common goal; the pleasure.


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