Fetishism and erotic massages

Fetishism and massages

From the psychological point of view, the Fetishism is characterized as a disorder of sexual fixation. The fetishist has fantasies or sexual behaviors toward clothes or to nongenital body parts: such as hands, foot or toes.

Don’t worry if you love to be kissed in the foot, or if you have any kind of sexual preference, it’s not worrying if it isn’t an obsession, it means that you can get pleasure equally without your ‘fetishism’.

There are a lot of customers who come to felina massage looking for a specific massage, in which her fantasies become true. Our masseuses offer personal treatments , such as foot massage, massage with the foot, massage with the breast…

If you have any kind of preferences and you want to become them real, you must speak openly with the masseuse and she will adapt the massage according to their individual requirements.

In felina massage you don’t dream, you only live!!


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Our massage center is a 10 minutes taxi ride from the center of Barcelona.

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