Halloween in Barcelona 2017

Halloween in Barcelona 2017

The upcoming night of October 31 is the Halloween, also known as the Night of the Witches, which is getting increasingly popular in European cities. At Felina Massage we would like to tell you how to enjoy a terrifically erotic Halloween. This year trade the sweets and candies for relaxation, sensuality and a lot of pleasure. Don’t miss this chance!

What is the Halloween?

At present, Halloween has become one of the most important festivals on the calendars of the United States and Canada. There are many countries that have adapted this festival to their customs and traditions, but all of them have one thing in common: it is the night on which the world of the living blends with the realm of the dead. This night is ideal for telling scary stories, watching horror movies, or attending parties with spooky costumes.

The famous trick-or-treating is one of the typical games of this festival. The children roam the neighborhood wearing costumes, in the hope that their neighbors will give them sweets or candies, thereby reaching a Treat. On the other hand, the Trick, as a joke, is a threat for the homeowners if they do not give any sweets.

What are the Halloween's origins?

It all started from the Celts, as they celebrated the end of the year with Samhain, a celebration that marked the end of the harvest season in the Celtic culture. It was a festival of transition in which rites of purifying and religious nature were celebrated at night to mark the end of the summer. It also has its origins in the Christian festival of All Saints' Day. The Irish immigrants brought this tradition along and spread it throughout the American continent. Did you know that?

The ancient Celts used to think that the spirits and ghosts roamed freely in the fields on Halloween night. They started carrying masks and costumes so that the spirits wouldn't realize that they were living humans.

And is the Halloween celebrated in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, we believe that the American festival is not compatible with the traditional Castanyada festival, or even the Magosto. In this popular festival, the chestnut is the main protagonist, representing the arrival of the fall, just like in the Celtic culture over 2,500 years, in which the summer solstice was celebrated on October 31 with the dreaded and anticipated Night of the Witches festival. In Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, it is very typical to have a family and friends’ get-together and enjoy the typical cuisine of this festivity, while adding a touch of horror with accompaniments and costumes.

Halloween at Felina Massage

At Felina Massage, we want to turn a festival as magical as the Halloween into a memorable evening for our customers. Let yourself be bewitched by our masseuses and masseurs and enjoy the most erotic Halloween.

We want to recommend you the Sensory “Touch” Massage. This massage is one of the most exciting massages on the Felina Massage menu, since it is an interactive ritual wherein you can choose one or two masseuses, either male or female, and enjoy alone or with your partner, thereby giving a lot more daring touch to the experience. In this massage, our stunning erotic masseuses work on the client’s body with a body-to-body massage, thereby increasing the degree of arousal and culminating the session in a nice and intense orgasm.

If what you are looking for is an erotic massage rich in caresses, complicity and pleasure, we recommend the sensual massage to you. In this massage, the beautiful masseuse chosen by you will slowly and sensually massage your whole body, paying special attention to your erogenous zones, therefore providing you with a matchless pleasure. In this massage, which is again interactive, you will be allowed to gently caress your masseuse to create a very passionate connection and complicity.

Pay us a visit and enjoy a relaxing massage from the hands of the best professionals. You will surely get a deal here! We are open till 23:00 hours and you can come and pay us a visit from 14:00 hours on November 1. This Halloween we are waiting for you in Barcelona!


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