History of the Erotic Massage

History of the Erotic Massage

Although of many people think, the erotic massage is not a practice that comes naturally as part of intimate relationships. Remember that people have not always had an open mind about the sexuality…

Believe it or not, the erotic massage appears as medical remedy during the Victorian period, time in which the medical community gives solutions to problems that did not have any explanation.

One of this was “female hysteria”. A that time, the common medical diagnosis that included a large list of symptoms like fainting fit, insomnia, liquid retention, abdominal bloating, muscle spasms, labored breathing, irritability, headache, loss of appetite, and also, “tendency to cause problems.”

For that reason the doctors decided that the immediately solution was take the woman towards an orgasm, being the midwife or the same doctor in charge of massage her intimate zones until reach the climax, known then as “hysterical paroxysm”. Release from all negative energy produce by the hysteria.

From this uncertain beginning, the erotic massage takes on many forms and enjoyed according to the level of social acceptance with the passage of time.

Nowadays the vision of this has complete change, it is not only a way of relate to a couple, but it is understood as a professional way to improve not only the mood, but also the physical shape and is that the erotic massage has infinite health benefits.


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