Interview with an erotic masseuse: Sandra

Interview Catalan erotic masseuse

At Felina Massage we want to thoroughly de-kernel our masseuses and introduce them to you so that you can get to know them more closely. They are intimate and kind girls with great sensitivity and, despite their young age, possess great skill in the art of erotic massages. Today is Sandra’s turn. She has admitted to us that it is the first time she has been interviewed as an erotic massage and that she is somewhat nervous, though she is ready to answer our questions because she doesn’t mind showing her most intimate side.

Interview with Sandra, erotic masseuse at Felina Massage

Today we are presenting you a passionate interview with a professional erotic masseuse. We want to show you the personal side of Sandra, our gorgeous 24-year-old Catalan masseuse who has been providing amazing massages in Barcelona at our erotic massage parlor felina Massage for the last three years. Sandra is a hyperactive student who combines her passion for dance with her profession of being a “tantric masseuse”. Sandra started as an erotic masseuse only to pay for her dance studies, but never thought that erotic massages would become her profession and also vocation.

Below is an interview with our erotic masseuse, a few personal questions that show her most latent side.

How was the first time you gave an erotic massage?

I remember that I was very nervous. Felina Massage had given me clear instructions regarding erotic massages, and I knew the technique perfectly, but not if I would be able to improvise according to the customer. The first client was a 50-year-old man. I don’t recall if it was his first time as well, but the truth is that he was much quieter than me. I asked him to get a shower and soon went to meet him. I meticulously followed the massage technique, and saw how the customer’s body started reacting to my touches. The end was glorious, and a smile of satisfaction relaxed my face. I remember that the receptionist congratulated me on my first erotic massage. That gave me the strength to delve deeper into the subject and be able to provide personalized erotic massages.

Do you have many regular customers?

Luckily, many customers I attend to come back to me. Some of them are foreigners, and make the most of their stay in Barcelona regardless of whether it is because of work or pleasure to meet up with me again and savor an erotic massage in complete privacy.

Do these regular clients not end up finding the erotic massage monotonous and eventually ask for something more?

At felina Massage we provide different kinds of erotic massages, and I try and make sure that the regular customers keep switching between one massage and the other. Moreover, the good thing about being regular is that I end up knowing and providing personalized massages according to their tastes. If they ask for something more, I introduce them to any of the felina Escort professionals so that they follow up the session with sex… I am not jealous, though the truth is that I have never been asked to make way for any escort.

Do you provide erotic massages to women? Do you wonder how erotic massages are performed?

Yes, and I love doing so. I am not bisexual, but I like to please both men and women, and a woman’s body is much softer than a man’s. Plus it is a challenge. Many women who come to me seek a new experience with women beyond an orgasm. They want to be pampered and softly and unhurriedly caressed.

Which has been your worst and best experience at felina Massage?

The worst experience was with a 32-year-old guy who did not quite understand the guidelines of erotic massage and was always trying to make a pass at me. I politely told him that it was a professional erotic massage and not a sex session, but he still pushed on for more, before turning violent. I went out of the room at once, and the security staff quickly took him away.

All the customers have to respect the erotic masseuse and know her absolute limits. As I said earlier, if you want something more, I leave the room without any issues and a gorgeous escort will come in my place to provide you with everything you wish for.

As for the best experience, it is the one I have with a regular customer who comes every three months only to pamper me. He gives me body massages for hours and caresses my entire body, always in a polite way and backs it up with an interesting chat.

Thanks a lot, Sandra, for a real interview with an erotic masseuse. As always, we love having you at our center.


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