Is erotic massage an infidelity?

Erotic massage an infidelity?

How many of you have wondered… Is the erotic massage an act of infidelity? Would you tell your partner that you have received a massage with a happy ending? There are no sexual relations with the masseuses or masseurs nor is there any penetration or oral sex during a professional erotic massage. Is it enough to defend your innocence? In this post we will try to argue why we believe that coming to Felina Massage on your own does not tantamount to being unfaithful. However, if given a choice, we prefer to have you here with your partner! Keep reading and find out why.

We could start by explaining that, according to some studies about the couple relationships, the term “unfaithful” does not have the same meaning for men and women. Men generally seem to think that it cannot be termed as infidelity if no sex took place. On the other hand, women associate infidelity with a close relationship with another person, without there being any need for sexual relations. That is to say, for a woman, her partner going out with another person more than what is “normal” constitutes sufficient grounds for her to feel cheated. Although true, there are also men who can undergo a very similar sense of betrayal.

We believe that the term unfaithful means deception. This could confuse you. We do not want to mean “out of sight, out of mind”, but rather that you shouldn’t leave your partner out of consideration when thinking of what you wish for. If you think that the two of you need to rejuvenate your sex life and you have fallen into a boring sex routine, propose new things to her. Would it not be ideal to engage in this erotic massage with your partner, to see how she gets turned on in front of you until she reaches an orgasm with a professional masseuse/masseur, while you are provided with the same?

Erotic couple massages at felina Massage

The ways of giving and getting pleasure are infinite. At felina Massage we invite you to discover sex through the erotic massages for couples. There are many partners who visit us and let our masseuses/masseurs massage every inch of their bodies, thus pleasing and taking them to a long and enjoyable orgasm. It would surprise you to know the number of couples trying it, and more so the number of couples who go for it again. The eroticism and arousal in these dates won’t go unnoticed by you.

Maybe you think that your partner would not accede to your request of reviving your sexual routine, but maybe you are wrong. Ask her if she thinks that the erotic couple massage is infidelity. She will give you a hint whether she is ready to try it with you or not.

Erotic massages for you at Felina Massage are not acts of infidelity

You must surely have been provided with a relaxing massage at one point or the other, and you have neither felt bad about yourself, nor have you considered it as an act of infidelity. A massage wherein the masseuse does not touch your body in a sensual way, your senses get activated and your body involuntarily reacts to her touches. Later you have an uncomfortable hard-on and the massage comes to an end. Imagine this same date with a happy ending. One masseuse? Or two gorgeous, nude women massaging your body with their hands, arms, breasts, or their entire bodies? Massages to be received or interactive massages. It’s up to you. The Felina Massage menuelina Massage menu has a lot of possibilities on offer for you.

The service can start with an erotic shower with your masseuse or masseur, and the two of you can know each other between the caresses. The relaxing massage works on all the muscles of your body, from head to toe, and end with an intense and very erotic orgasm. The rooms have mirrors on all sides so that you don’t miss a single movement of your bodies. It is a perfect occasion for you to let yourself be invaded by pleasure and find out another way of enjoying sex.

We have gift cards for these erotic massages. There are many people who gift relaxation and pleasure at Felina Massage . Isn’t it the perfect gift? Open up your mind to a new world of massages and let our professionals take you by surprise. And now to answer your question: there is no reason for the erotic massage to be an act of unfaithfulness . Get in touch with our massage center and reserve a date for that special person if it is a gift. If not, come alone or with your partner, but do come to enjoy a sensual and very relaxing time. Taking care of yourself comes before anything else… do you dare to?


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