Lingam Massage for men

Lingam Massage for men

The word lingam originates from Sanskrit and refers to the male sex organ, and can be literally translated as “the column of light”. In tantric massage, the lingam is honored and respected, since it is the channel to get sexual energy. The aim of erotic massage to men is not to reach the orgasm, but rather enjoy the arousal generated by the massage, and the intense sexual pleasure around the genitalia. The massage must be relaxing, stimulating and emotionally, mentally and spiritually liberating.

The Lingam massage must consist of small and long strokes with appropriate pressure to disperse the energy and liberate the man from any tension that he may have. It is always done with an upward massage given by both the hands, from head to toe. It will start by caressing the legs from top to bottom, and then the thighs, the pelvis, the hips and the back to finish on the shoulders and the head. Subsequently the masseuse shall turn the client and lean his head on a pillow to provide him a better view of the massage. The masseuse will continue the massage through the front side of the client, again in an upward fashion and with long and short caresses, using the breast, the forearms and the feet according to the massage.

It is important that both the masseuse and the client engage in deep breathing, for it is a point of connection that will hike the arousal. Before massaging the lingam, the masseuse shall take some drops of massage oil or lubricant on her hands. With the exact pressure she will start massaging the lower side of the pelvis bone with her fingertips, using small, circular movements.

To stimulate the blood circulation to the lingam area even more, without ceasing to use the fingertips in small, circular movements to gently massage the area just above the pelvis bone. It is at this stage that many men can feel a natural instinct to actively take part, for the body is very aroused.

Subsequently the testicles will be gently caressed and amassed. Next the perineum will be massaged with special attention to the ‘sacred area’, which is a small slot between the anus and the testicles. It will be gently pressed to stimulate this highly sensible zone. Then we shall provide special attention to the lingam, massaging it from its base to the anus, alternating between strokes and circular movements.

The testicles will be massaged to loosen the scrotum sack, while the other hand will firmly massage the pubic bone.

The masseuse will again take some oil drops in her hand and place a hand on the base of the lingam with a gentle but firm pressure, and pull it up before letting go of it. The other hand will meanwhile be on the base of the lingam and will massage it in the opposite direction i.e. from top to bottom. These movements will be made alternatively by varying the speed and pressure.

The head of the lingam will be massaged with the hand cupped around it. This will enable the client to ejaculate and reach the orgasm.

To avoid the ejaculation, the masseuse may press the perineum and reduce the speed or press the foreskin while the client breaths deeply.

If you want to get an extremely sensitive Lingam massage, bear in mind that we have many highly professional masseuses at Felina Massage in Barcelona, who will provide you with a massage that is customized for you, ending in a very pleasurable lingam. Come and see our erotic massages!


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