Erotic massage Passion felina

Erotic facial massages

Do you know our erotic massage Passion Felina? Is the only massage that includes our exciting facial massage. Today we are going to explain you some tips that you can put into practice with your couple.

First we start talking about how beneficial it is for the skin, these are all the benefits that provide us: improves blood circulation, removes the accumulated tensions and, when the skin tissues are moved, we are rejuvenating it and we make it look firmer and smoother.

Our sensitive massage Passion Felina starts with a stimulating facial massage, touring the face gently with fingertips, previously with hands smeared with almond oil, movements from top to bottom and vice versa. Then we started doing a little pressure on top of the eyebrows, paying particular attention to the part of the temple, applying a gentle pressure will help release the tensions. With subtlety, our hands will move towards the ears, where will caress both lobes until get to the backside of the head. And of course, we do not forget the cheeks and jaw that will be massaged with the knuckles, relieving the tensions of everyday life that are reflected in our facial expression.

Once that our face and our mind have been relaxed, we can continue our Passion Felina, giving way to countless pleasurable sensations.

Come and let yourself be seduced by the hands of our expert masseuses!!


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