Massages for liberal couples in Barcelona

Massages for liberal couples in Barcelona

“Health, wealth and love” are the most sought after wishes on the New Year, but focusing on the last term, what can you do to find the woman of your life and an everlasting love?

The thing is that it is quite hard to find the ideal person and get along well with somebody from the outset. Moreover, once in love and happy, monotony and control take charge and the butterflies in the stomach eventually disappear in a year or within three years to be generous. And that is when you didn’t imagine a life like this, where sex has become a fixed appointment and desire is occasional. So you think about each other and a break-up takes place…

At Felina Massage Barcelona we bring you face to face with another type of ending, or rather a start of a new relationship. Become an open-minded partner.

The open-minded couples have existed for many years, but they have become popular recently, thanks to the creation of meeting places for these liberal couples (or also known as swingers), forums where you can look for people to have a sexual rendezvous with as a partner, or massage centers for liberal couples like Felina Massage.

There are many liberal couples who approach the sexologist in search of some answer to this behavior of the partner. But this type of a relationship is generally a mutual agreement that can save a couple’s desire and guard it against monotony, provided that there is no underlying problem.


The start towards change for becoming a liberal couple is almost always promoted by the man, though the women these days are taking a lot of initiative in this regard.

It is important to look after the feelings of the other person in this kind of shared relationship and respect the wishes of your partner at all times.

There are different relationships of liberal couples, according to the degree of freedom between the partners:

- Both the partners have free sex with whoever they want without getting emotionally involved.

- Both partners engage in a threesome with a person or couple of their choice.

- Both partners take part in orgies with different people and couples.

- The couple goes to an erotic massage center to receive an erotic massage with two erotic masseuses or one erotic masseuse. These are known as erotic massages for couples. These kinds of erotic massages are ideal for inexperienced couples who just want to undergo an erotic fantasy.

The masseuses adapt the erotic massage for couple according to the requests of the customers. If they wish to be caressed more, the masseuse will offer the option of providing a complete erotic massage to both the partners, including the lingam or yoni massage. If what one prefers is some learning in the world of eroticism to arouse the sexual flame between them, the masseuse will teach the massage techniques to both the partners and the partners will culminate it with each other.

Regardless of whatever your degree of freedom is, we recommend you try our massages for liberal couples in Barcelona, and thereby break free of your sexual monotony by sharing your fantasies in couples.


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