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Nuru Massage in Barcelona

The Nuru massage is one of the most ancient and age-old massages practiced in Japan. This country is the heart of the most therapeutic and pleasurable caresses for human beings.

Being a good massage center, Felina Massage has this treatment at its disposal, but… what is the Nuru massage?

Well, this Japanese therapy is a massage wherein the connection between the masseuse and the customer will establish a close erotic relationship thanks to the soft touches and variation of intensity and strength.

Both the parties in the Nuru massage are nude in order to increase the sensuality and sensitivity of the exchange of caresses.

Another feature is the use of the Nuru gel. This is a dense gel charged with sensuality so that every caress and touch makes it more and more pleasurable.

Today we are going to tell you how this massage is performed at Felina Massage, and why you must practice it. Interested? If your answer is yes, all you have to do is keep reading and… enjoy!

What is the Nuru massage at Felina Massage?

The world of massages is very wide, just like the Felina Massage service menu. But today we will talk about one of the most sensual and romantic massages from Japan. It is the Nuru massage.

This erotic massage can be classified within the ambit of the body-to-body massages. Unlike other types of massages, a hot oil known as the Nuru gel is used in this massage.

This product is made up of natural extracts of the Nori seaweed and chamomile. Harmless for the skin, this gel is highly moisturizing and odorless. The Nuru gel has the slippery texture needed for putting the massage technique into practice.

This massage, as we have said in this very blog, is one of the most interactive massages at Felina Massage and is concerned with the nude bodies of both the masseuse and the customer, wherein the customer is caressed using the aforesaid gel, or by the professional sliding her body on top of the client’s.

The body-to-body contact and the extreme sensation of being slippery increase the client’s pleasure and arousal. The final flourish of this massage is provided by the Lingam massage.

The masseuses specializing in the Nuru Massage

For our clients to be able to enjoy this experience to the fullest, they can savor this type of massage in the Eroticism and Elegance suites. These suites have a tatami for the atmosphere and perfect massage by our experts, but…

What erotic massages should you go for at Felina Massage in order to enjoy a nice Nuru massage?


This purely Venezuelan girl is a specialist in the Nuru massage. Very interactive and sensitive, she will delight more than one person, regardless of whether he is a beginner or an expert in erotic massages and wishes to try out new caresses.

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Hot-blooded and with sensual movements, Maya is one of our masseuses specializing in body-to-body massages. Her caresses and movements drive more than one of her clients crazy.

See her profile here.

The massages at Felina Massage are accompanied by all types of details like aromas, candles and body oils fit for every occasion. We invite you to wrap yourself with relaxation and relax with the Felina guys and girls with a dose of luxury and sensuality provided by an erotic massage. Call us on +34 675 511 752 or write to us to or use our contact form. We are waiting for you!


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