Nicole, expert in relaxing massages

Nicole expert in relaxing massages in Barcelona

Nicole joins our erotic massage parlor in Barcelona this week. She is a young Argentine with beautiful womanly curves and stunning and feminine features. During her extensive training in tantric massage, Nicole has shown an innate aptitude for relaxing massages. Given below are some of the comments of her first few customers:

“…she has the finesse, pressure and intuition for seducing…”

“…she is sweetness personified…”

“…a unique experience with a peach of a woman…”


During this training period, she has learned every move with precision and has developed the ability to improvise according to the customer and situation. Of all the erotic massages offered by us at felina Massage, she is regarded as a fanatic of the relaxing adult massage, a massage wherein the entire body is worked on, right from the feet below to the head above, using just the right pressure to simultaneously stretch out and stimulate the erogenous zones, bringing the process to an end with a lingam massage, or a yoni massage in case of women. On this last point we want to highlight that despite not being very experienced in massaging women, Nicole considers herself capable of giving pleasure to any given woman who wants to savor a relaxing massage in her arms.


Nicole is a gorgeous 24-year-old Latin masseuse who combines her nursing studies with her work as an erotic masseuse. After working as a masseuse at beauty shops for some years, one of felina Massage’s regular customers advised her to approach our luxurious massage parlor. It was here that we fell in love with each her. She turned out to be an ideal candidate for clientele: good-looking, kind, sweet and very friendly. And we happened to be everything she was looking for: a reliable and hygienic massage center with well-mannered clients.

Nicole acknowledges that she liked giving pleasure and looking after people ever since she was a little girl, and that she can make it come true here at felina Massage while also adding to her seductive skills.

If you wish to know this Latin beauty, and enjoy a relaxing adult massage in a luxurious environment, call us on +34 675 511 752 or send us an email at and we will apprise you of her availability. Don’t miss the chance of enjoying all the relaxation that her hands can provide.


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