Sexual fantasies of women

Sexual fantasies of women

Women like men have our sexual fantasies, but being educated with more sexual limitations are not as world-famous as the fantasies of men.

Until recently the content of the fantasies were rather romantic character erotic-sexual, "someone falls in love with me and live a forbidden romance," but things are changing to a more liberal and more imaginative world.

One of the main fantasies are female are:

-Seduce Someone prohibited. The ban adrenaline rush, and there are many times that women fantasize friends, boyfriends friends ... acquaintances who are in the same situation and with the new erotic living 'outside the strictly correct' experiences, such as massages couples go to a sharing site, new positions ...

-Make Trios: see your husband with a woman or a man enjoy together with your husband, is one of the more fantasies put into practice between couples.

-Enjoy Sexually with a woman, but many women do not dare to admit, is one of the most common fantasies among us, to feel touched, caressed and massaged by a female body. This is so because women are culturally the same taste than men for female beauty and are able to admire without openly homophobic.

-Voyeurismo Be observed while keeping sex.

So for all you assure men that 'my wife never would' maybe I'd be surprised if you speak openly with her about erotic fantasies of joint, as might be of course some of our erotic couples massage...


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