Pleasure and arousement in our skin

Pleasure in erotic massage

We use touch in order to communicate our feelings without needing to say a word. Caresses and physical contact are the best kept secret for the stimulation of our senses and the benefit of the skin’s blood flow.

In Felina Massage, our masseuses’ hands do not only transmit physical wellness but they also offer a sense-experience in your skin: tenderness, lust, pleasure… an amazing mixture of sensations you will feel all through your body, forgetting for a moment about
the protagonism that the genitals usually have.

The skin of a human being covers a surface of over 18.000 cm2 and has a million and a half of receptors, proving that it’s the largest organ we have. It protects us from the cold, from the heat and from bacteria, it regularizes body temperature and communicates all the external stimuli we receive. Just like a mirror of our physical and mental health, the skin reflects our stress, anxieties, sadness, relaxation, pleasure…

That’s the reason why we try to pamper your skin during our massages here, in Felina Massage because even though it might sound unbelievable, the main benefactor in a massages are not the muscles but the skin! So what better than taking advantage of a pleasant and relaxing activity in order to improve our dermal health?

In this article we are going to pay special attention to our well-known Felina Pasion Massage, in which a masseuse will start by stimulating the facial muscles and slowly continue down stroking and massaging every inch of skin, with a delicious body to body massage, where caresses are protagonist above all else.

It’s important to point out that a massage applied to the facial muscles is an increasingly popular beauty treatment and recently more and more people are up for these types of massages to fight against skin aging and flaccidity.

Our skin is our main protection, our physical portfolio and the largest organ of all so it’s worth devoting a little more attention to it every now and then. So get out and treat yourself to the massage you’ve been craving for. The magic of a professional’s hands, an aromatic oil and a relaxing environment will do the rest.


  • · 22/7/2014
    saben de algún lugar así en Cancun Mexico???gracias esta excelenteeeeee
    • Hola Rodri, lo siento pero no conocemos ningún lugar en Méjico, pero seguro que si indagas por internet algo debe de haber¡ Un abrazo¡¡
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