Sensitive foot massage

Sensitive foot massages

This week we would like to give ultimate focus to our feet. Almost all our erotics massage of Felina Massage, dedicate special attention to the feet, specially our Special Felina Massage.

According to the Reflexology, the feet have an important role in our nervous system, is where millions of nerve endings are concentrated, connecting us with other body parts. It is said that when we massage them, also we are massaging the rest of the body, because the sensations that are perceived are sent to the entire nervous system. Besides the fact that, is an erogenous zone par excellence which possesses at least 4 points of sexual stimulation related to the genital organs.

We are going to tell you how you can put it into practice to create complicity and intimacy with your partner:

First of all, we will put lotion in our hands and we heat it rubbing our palms, we will begin caressing the both instep simultaneously, from the ankle until the toe, gentle movements from top to bottom and vice versa. Then each foot will massage individually, we starting to work with both thumbs the area of the sole moving in a small circular pattern and increasing the pressure in the heals. After, we will use the knuckles, covering all the sole and massaging in circles. We will interlace the fingers with toes, massaging the inner part, and then each toe. Finally, we will pressure the toes forwards, like if you try to fold in the opposite direction. We will repeat each step with the other foot. At the end put your hands on the foot sole a few seconds, she or he feels your you warm and will invite to the relaxation.

Discover that not only you feel a great pleasure to receive it, but also it is relaxing to give it. Do you dare to try it?


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