Sensual massage for couples: special massage

Felina sensual massage for couples

There are many taboos against any action directly related to sex, but many couples fall into a sexual monotony. One of the most demanded options is the erotic massage, which can be learned from the best erotic masseuses in Barcelona, thus acting as a good sex expert.

So, the Touch massage is the most demanded service by couples visiting our massage center. Do you know why? It is thanks to the sensual and delicate caresses all over the body, along with small massaging movements, which alter and arouse one of the most important senses: the touch.

With it, one can attain high degrees of pleasure, even reaching the complete orgasm –something that goes out for men and women alike. Doesn’t it seem like an interesting idea to you?

But beware! It’s not just about caressing and pressing. You have to have certain gentleness and passion to convey what you feel to the other person. We are going to tell you how to perform a special couple massage that we teach at our massage center. So, we advise you to keep reading. Ready?

How is the Felina special massage for couples performed?

The adult massage, Felina special, can be performed in different ways, though it always has the same goal –enjoying the way to the maximum possible pleasure.

This massage is Felina Massage’s star massage, since it is one of the most complete erotic massages at our bordello, and is accompanied by a relaxing and luxurious environment. But… what is it about?

The special massage starts when one (or two) masseuse(s), according to your choice, teaches both the partners how you must caress each other so that the art of massage absorbs you and makes you enjoy to the fullest.

Once the partners can concentrate, the tantric massage is the first to be performed. It will be carried on with strong and long movements from the feet and will cover the entirety of legs.

Once you cannot hold back the passion and pleasure, either the masseuse or the partners themselves will go on making small touches on the private parts, while engaging in yoni massage for women, and lingam massage for men, culminating in the first complete and enjoyable orgasm.

The body-to-body massage then comes to light. This massage is concerned with covering the body of both the partners from top to bottom, experiencing a unique sensory stimulation and relaxation, projecting the entire arousal of their sexuality through caresses and touches on each other’s sex organs. We assure you of more than one tension rise with the mere contact with your girl’s breasts!

This body-to-body massage is interactive, since it allows both the partners to touch each other, both on the forbidden and common areas to change and arouse the usualness and lack of liveliness in their passionate relations.

Finally, at Felina Massage you can hire different additional services that will make the experience with the masseuses doubly pleasant: relaxing baths, erotic showers or areas to get intimate are the services that can be hired for more enjoyment with your partner.

It must be clarified that this massage can also be enjoyed alone by hiring the services of one or two masseuses.

Do you want yours? Call us on +34 675 511 752 or get in touch with us through our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally know the erotic masseuses working at Felina Barcelona, you can check out the ones available in real time here.


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