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Hi again! We are here today to talk about inner peace and joy. Who doesn’t crave for happiness and peace with himself? In this article we are going to talk about the different things needed to get some knowledge about the tantra in Barcelona. I am sure you have heard this word some time or the other, but do you know what it means? Keep reading!


The tantra or tantrism is one of the many Eastern esoteric traditions that teach the use of material desire for the purpose of spirituality. There are Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon variants of this practice. According to ancient beliefs, the highest purpose that can be attained by a human being is the complete enlightenment, a state of lasting peace in which all the obstacles obscuring the mind are removed and all the good qualities, like wisdom, compassion and skillful means have reached their maximum development. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? However, we cannot reach this final goal by simply wishing for it. We ought to use the appropriate methods to get there: through the secret sutra and mantra paths. The techniques revealed in the secret mantra are superior to the ones revealed in the sutras.

Tantra is, therefore, sublimation, it is transformation. It is transformation, for the very same energy present in hatred, fury, jealousy, envy… is also found in LOVE, tolerance, compassion, generosity or equanimity. On the other hand, tantra is the secret path to transcendent sexual love, whose symbolism has been immortalized forever in the walls of the temples in India’s sacred city of Khajuraho.

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Name and meaning of tantra

Tantra is written as तंत्र in Devanagari script, and means ‘fabric’ in Sanskrit (as well as ‘loom, warp, the essence, the characteristic trait, framework, doctrine, rule’, etc.). The Tibetan equivalent, rgyud, has the sense of ‘continuity’, and since the terms tantra and prabhanda are associated with each other in Buddhism, the Tibetan term can be understood in the sense of ‘continuity of luminosity’.

Brief History of Tantra

Although the first records of a tantric awareness come from the Pre-Aryan India around 5000 years ago, the real origins of Tantra date back some 8000 years B.C. In those times, the people inhabiting the Indus Valley had a vision of the cosmos and a conception of the life in which the tantric practice played a fundamental part in the society and relations. Later, around 2000 B.C., and for several centuries, those people were invaded by the Aryans from North Eastern Europe, who, after discovering the wheel, set out towards the southeast in search of warmer lands, till they reached the Indus Valley, where they established a caste-based patriarchal social structure, opposed to the matriarchal system that had prevailed up to that point in the previous society. Many of the original inhabitants, escaping from the conquerors, emigrated to the east and south of India.

From that point, the deepest aspects of the tantric conscience were dissipated (especially, “the female worship”, which is such an essential part of the tantra), though a part of this sacred sexual practice was preserved. These practices were passed on and taught in the schools and temples of that era, especially to the upper Brahmin (priests) caste. Many centuries later, India was repeatedly invaded by Islam, which was shocked by the “sinful and indecent” side of the tantric texts and teachings, which made it increasingly esoteric and hidden, and reserved for a select few, until it almost completely disappeared.

Tantric Massage at Felina Massage

The tantric massage is one of the erotic massage modes designed to relax the body and reduce the anxiety by following the Hindu belief of tantra. The main objective of the tantric massage is enhancing the health by seeking the pleasure through an orgasm. Depending on the final finish, it can be distinguished into two kinds of general tantric massages: the Lingam massage for a man, and the Yoni massage for a woman. Lingam (wand of light) refers to the male sex organ, and Yoni (sacred temple) refers to the female sex organ. That’s why we can always differentiate one kind of ending from another, whether it is Lingam or Yoni.

Now that you know more about the tantra in Barcelona, it’s time to break away from your routine life and enjoy the sensuality that a tantric massage at Felina Massage can provide you with. You can request information through our contact form or by calling on +34 675 511 752. Dare to give it a try!


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    the massage was perfect. she was a nice girl from Venuzuela and did a good job. She gave me the perfect feeling! She had a nice smooth body and i could touch her very nice too.!
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